Geysers? Eclipse? Idaho? . . . All Good Titles

A little way into Idaho (?)
Day 122 – 8/21/17
Miles – 19.2
Total miles – 1854.2
All six of us slept well. We headed off for breakfast around 7:30. Red Cross and Napoleon headed one way and The Ravens went another. The grill had not opened and the store would not open for thirty minutes, thus we headed over to that deli at the inn, which opened at 6:00. We picked up four cold croissant sandwiches, yogurt, drinks, and a cinnamon roll. When it was wrung up at the cash register, it came to the same price as the all you can eat buffet where the food was hot and much better. We told the cashier that we wanted to cancel our order. Quickly and excitedly, we headed to a repeat of yesterday’s amazing breakfast. It actually ended up being even cheaper than yesterday, because the waitress gave both Bling and Whisper, the kids price (age 12 and under). Yesterday, only Whisper received the lower price.  After breakfast, we got our re-supply box from the post office and went back to the room to sort it. Napoleon and Red Cross showed up with their box and soon everyone was ready to hike out. We left them and started down the trail. Our path away from Old Faithful, lead us past geyser after geyser. We saw at least six of them erupting. It took us much longer to get down the valley then we expected because we wanted to stop and watch.  We were nearing the end when the total eclipse started. We hiked on as the daylight lessened. In this area, the sun was 98% covered. Way back in South Pass City, we purchased some solar eclipse glasses so we could watch it. The first thing that happened that we did not except was the way shadows changed shaped. The more the sun was covered the more we could see the effect. The light coming between the shadows was crescent shaped. And the crescent moved from the left side to the top and then to the right side as the eclipse progressed. The other thing that we did not expect was how cold it got.

As we hiked out of the Old Faithful valley, the eclipse ended. We continued on toward Summit Lake. When we got there, we took a nice long break. Then we headed on to the Wyoming/Idaho border. Our next objective was the border of Yellowstone National Park, which we shortly came to. We could now freely camp where ever we desired. No more assigned camp sites. As the day was ending, we turned North on an old road, which we camped on. In a few miles, we will start the Mack’s Inn alt. This alternate route chops thirty-seven trail miles off.  Since were are now eight days behind on our schedule, it seemed like a smart thing to do. We should get there tomorrow.

Red Cross and Napoleon

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