Dubois 2

Dubois (22_012)
Day 115 – 8/14/17
Miles – 0
Total miles – 1732.6
We headed up to the trail today. Our ride headed out around 10:00 and the farther we were up the mountain the worst the weather got. The rain started well before we got to the pass. It was bitterly cold when we got out of the truck. Before we left the hotel, someone said it was suppose to snow tonight at the higher elevations, which is where we were. Mama and Papa Raven could see the dread on Bling and Whisper’s faces about today’s hiking. It looked like a miserable, cold and wet day ahead. Even Mama Raven was not happy about the situation. The three looked at Papa Raven and that was it. He said it would be a terrible day of hiking.  Back down the mountain to the hotel we went. We will try again tomorrow. We called the back country office in Yellowstone and changed our campsites. We have lined up a ride to the pass for 9:00 tomorrow morning. All day it was very cloudy and cold in Dubois. It is hard to believe this is summer with the weather we have been having. The owner of the hotel says this is far from normal weather for this area. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same, but it gets much better after that. We cannot take any more time off. The hotels are expensive and we are behind schedule.  We will head out tomorrow.

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