The Stunning Winds!

Near an unnamed lake (1828.5)
Day 107 – 8/6/17
Miles – 23.4
Total miles – 1621.0

Our physical bodies are tired. They work exceptionally hard all day,  every day, with rarely a day off. The muscles, joints, and the mind just want a chance to be lazy. This is simply another morning that no one wants to get moving. We just wanted to lay in our sleeping bags and relax. Grumbling words came from everybody’s mouths as we got up. Whisper was not happy having to put on her wet shoe from last evenings dunking. So far the trail through the Winds has started to the far West side of the mountain range and barely cut into the higher peaks in the middle. For the most part, the trail had been good except for all the downed trees. This morning, there was one place where got lost. We were hiking up the side of a ridge on good trail, with plenty of foot prints when we realized that we were a lot higher then we should have been. Papa Raven found our location and we cut cross country over there ridge and across the hillside. To the proper trail. It was difficult going with all the fallen trees. Finally, we broke out into a wet meadow an cut down and across to one side. There we found, the trail. We all regrouped. We do not like it when things like that happen, it takes a lot of time to get back to the trail. Too much time is lost. Much of the morning we passed through meadows and streams infested with cows. They are not the most pleasant places. Every other step is having to avoid a wet pile of fresh cow dung. Mid-morning, we came to a huge meadow without a sign of cows. It was one of the biggest meadows we have seen on this trip. It was a beautiful sight. Our path took us past several hight mountain lakes, namely Mirror, Dad’s, and Marms. Several times, we just stopped to look at them because they were so magically beautiful. As evening approached, we camped over 10,600. This was one of the coldest nights we have had in a while with a chilly wind blowing. The Winds are stunning in every way. We understand why they are a favorite with many CDT hikers. We might not have seen the Cirque of the Towers, however what we did see and experience could not be less beautiful than them, just different. We were not disappointed in the least.  We will return to these mountains!


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