Rolling Grasslands

A road junction (9_198 0)
Day 103 – 8/2/17
Miles – 25.0
Total miles – 1542.1

The sun rose early and we rose with it. We camped in the middle of the trail because we could not find anywhere else to camp. It was a windy night with the tents rattling and flapping. It makes for a difficult nights sleep. Today was miles and miles of more of the same. Open rolling grasslands with sage mixed in. Not a tree, or large size bush in sight. Although we saw plenty of cows, a few horses and pronghorn antelope.
We started the day with almost no water and we hiked quickly to the first source, a cow pond. Thankfully, this one was clearer than yesterday’s and we each filtered just 1L of water. Hopefully, that will get us to a spring in six miles. There was a chance of a water cache in just a mile but the reports said that it was empty so we could not completely count on it. From the cow pond we took the minimum we would need. The weather has been hot with zero shade, thus we are drinking quiet a bit these days. To our relief, the cache had been restocked with many jugs of cold water. Hawkeye is responsible for maintaining this cache so here is one heart felt thank you from The Ravens! We took about 4L. Since there are four of us, we try to be considered of hikers behind us needing water, but at the same time, four of us needed water. We moved on to the first spring and could not find it. The directions in our guides were not written well. All it needed to say was if you do not find water, go to the next spring. The next spring was a metal tube sunk into the ground. You pull the lid off and just sink your bottle into the clean, cold water inside. Sitting and eating near the spring, we realized that we were moving along really well. We had a good chance of getting our target of 25 miles early. We hiked on to our next goal, the third spring. Yes, in the middle of a field of cows. There were also to wild horses hanging out with the cows. Most springs have fences around so the cows cannot contaminate the source, but not this one. We found that the water was bubbling up from the bottom of a pool, which was surrounded by rocks. We don’t think cows could get to it but Bling wanted to filter it just in case. The last 3 miles brought us to a road junction and our 25 miles for the day. We got here about 7:30 with plenty of day light left. The past few days we have been stopping at 8:30 so this is a treat to have a relaxing evening. It is another windy night with the tents making much noise, however we were still happy to be in the tents. It is the night before a town day so Whisper and Bling are playing and laughing in their tent. Tomorrow we will first go to Atlantic City and see if we can get showers. They have a few cabins and a restaurant, but our guide says do not expect much. With so few cabins, they probably will be filled. We will have to wait till we get there to find out what we do. Atlantic City is just a few miles from South Pass City, our next food drop. South Pass is only a small store with few supplies. Our next section is seven to eight days long and we are needing a place to get clean before it. Thus we are hoping for at least a shower at Atlantic City.


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