On a hillside (1725 0)
Day 102 – 8/1/17
Miles – 24.7
Total miles – 1517.1

Today was a repeat of yesterday. Open sage and grass covered hills. A hot sun. No shade. Afternoon clouds above, however they never seem to be there when we had an up. Cloud shadows traveling across the plains. Very little water. Antelope running about. More herds of wild horses cantering across the fields. Just more of the same in the Great Basin. We have been in Wyoming’s Great Basin for days now. And it is all the same, but absolutely beautiful so it is far from boring. This wide open country is something special to see. We spend the days walking roads, from water source to water source. We are always happy when the water source is a spring, which we had three of today. The last source was dry. Our next chance for water is a stream. Usually, we have to past by most streams because of cattle activity. At the very bottom of our list of desired water sources, is a cattle pond. Because of the dry spring, we had to use cattle ponds today. The water was murky and when we filled the bottles, it was a very unappealing dark yellow color. We could see cattle hoof prints all around the mud hole. Cattle are very indiscriminate on when and where they go to the bathroom. A pond is as good as any other place for a cow to release it’s bowels. We filled 3L of water and hiked out. When we stopped for dinner we past the water through a bandanna, hit it with UV filter, and boiled it. It still tasted bad, however it is all we had. We cooked dinner with it and we added Crystal Lite flavoring to some to drink. Mama Raven said that the drink tasted like cow urine.  She also said that the dinner, sweet and sour pork, did not taste right. She must have a very refined palette or she just psyched herself out. Our only problem is that we only have 1L of pond water left and 5 miles to go to the next water source, which is another bovine pond.


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