More of the Same In the Great Basin

A sage field (1700.3 R)
Day 101 – 7/31/17
Miles – 25.5
Total miles – 1492.4

It was a warm night and we all slept well. We woke and started our day. Catwater could be heard making her coffee over in her tent. Soon Burning Calves was starting to move. One of the biggest problems with such barren land is there is not a rock or bush for any sort of privacy to hide behind. When someone needs to use the bathroom, everyone else looks the other way. It was not long before all of us were headed up the path. Today’s trail was pretty simple. We walked a road over a gas pipeline. This road was straight for miles and miles with almost no variation. The vegetation was all the same, one and a half foot high sage, and grasses. The excitement of the day was seeing two herds of wild horses. One stayed still long enough that we could get a few pictures and the other ran off as soon as we saw them. Both herds had a number of foals among them. There also was one stallion in the front protecting the others from us. They were absolutely beautiful and elegant running across the plains.

We parted company with Burning Calves after dinner. Burning Calves new she would not be able to complete the CDT but her goal was to have an American adventure, and that she did. For a brief period she even ended up on the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee and in Washington DC. She also sat in on a Senate meeting. We saw her off as she started hitching 12 miles, on a gravel road to the highway. To complete her American adventure, a cowboy and his girl friend picked her up. They ended up camping on the side of the road and returned to Rawlins where a bus took her to Denver. She started the same day we did and we camped together that first night. We also camped with her on her last night on the trail. These last few days were the first chance we had to hike with her and we are thankful for the opportunity.  She will be missed. Good luck Burning Calves. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher!


Burning Calves


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