Good Bye Auntie Raven!

A small Creek (11_149)
Day 105 – 8/4/17
Miles – 17.9
Total miles – 1576.9

We slept really well in soft, warm beds. We started packing until breakfast was ready at 7:00.  Bill and Carmela made big pancakes, sausage patties, scrambling eggs with cheese, milk and orange juice. It was a glorious feast! The pancakes were the best we have had on the trail. We sat and talked for a long time about life in Atlantic City where it is often minus forty degrees in winter and receives on average twenty seven feet of snow in winter.  After breakfast, we finished packing and everyone started hiking toward South Pass City. The Ravens thoroughly enjoyed their stay in this tiny community. As Catwater said, they treated us like guests not customers. We hope more hikers stop here. They will be in for a pleasant surprise! Anyways, it is only three miles by road to South Pass City so we set off. Going back to the trail and then to South Pass City, would have been six miles. It took us much longer than expected. Either we were slow or it is father than what Bill said. Nonetheless it was still shorter than going back to the trail. We arrived at South Pass City around 10:00. It is a small gold mining boom town and many of the original buildings have been restored and turned into museums. We took a little time to walk through some of them, but time was pressing and we had to get our box and sort it. Whisper went by herself and finished seeing the buildings. South Pass City is a place we would like to come back to and spend a little time at. The trail is calling us for now. We finally headed out of town and got a little lost. The location of the trail is not obvious. After a few missed turns, we found the path and headed toward Hwy 28.  We were pleasantly surprised by a pair of pronghorns.  Most of the time we see them from a distance because they run away long before we can get close. This pair got confused and ran up the valley toward us, then they realized their mistake, tuned and fled the other direction. This gave us all a good view of them. When we got to Hwy 28, we stopped to eat something. Catwater was eying the town map of Landers and the Hwy right next to us. She told Mama Raven she needed more town time and would like to go to a town with more amenities. She continued with us a little longer, however at one point, she stopped for a break to think things through, while we continued on. Mama Raven gave her a hug because she knew that Catwater was leaving. We probably will not see her again. She is leaving the trail in early September to work as a volunteer in Yosemite National Park. All the Ravens have loved hiking again with their Auntie Raven. Thank you Catwater for hiking the Great Basin with us. You knows how to make The Ravens laugh! It was a sad moment for us. For the next few hours, we kept looking back, just in case she showed up, but no Catwater.

For the next 9 miles, we climbed up, but it was not steep. We stopped once to soak our feet in a stream, a treat we have not been able to do for a while. With all ups, comes a down and we enjoyed this one. We are now in trees with green meadows, and streams every few miles. It is nice to be back in this type of environment. But we will have to say that the Great Basin was a nice change to what we have been hiking through. Many hikers do not enjoy hiking the Great Basin because “it is boring”.  Well, the Ravens loved them. They are raw land without any makeup on. The environment is very simple and elegant. A herd of wild horses running through them only added to their grace. Nonetheless, it is time for a change and that will be the Winds Mountain range.

A hand full of huckleberries


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