Four rivers

Above Baldy Lakes (1849.1 R)
Day 108 – 8/7/17
Miles – 20.6
Total miles – 1641.6

Another day of sleeping in late. This morning was extra dark outside and we thought it was earlier than it actually was.  Peeking out of the tent, Mama Raven saw the sky was full of clouds. There were breaks in them, but not many. This could mean a rainy day or the clouds could burn off for sunshine. There was much condensation inside the tents, the sleeping bags were wet from the drops of water raining on them throughout the night. Time will have to be made to dry them, if there is any sunshine for the job. This morning’s trail slowly dropped in elevation crossing high alpine meadows with many lakes. We hiked around at least a dozen. The sun was very weak and the air was cold. The temperatures only made into the 50’s. Mid-morning, we stopped to eat and to try and dry the soggy tents and sleeping bags. It was a slow process and it took time  but things did dry out. Once back on the tail we finished our long down ended then started up a ridge.  Next we crossed the head of a valley. That was the pattern for the rest of the day. Four of the valleys were wide grassy meadows with large rivers flowing through them. We had to cross each of these rivers, but there was no bridges, logs, or rocks. So off came the shoes so we could cross.  Many hikers just cross the rivers in their socks and shoes. It is much faster that way. We prefer to take them off, put our Crocs on and then cross. We quickly dry our feet with our bandannas and put our dry socks and shoes on.  We have cozy dry feet to continue our hike. It does take longer, but it is The Raven way. The first river got deep and Whisper had to pull up the legs of her shorts to stay dry. The next two were very wide and shallow. We came to the last one late in the day and we did not want to remove our shoes and cross it, but we did with a good bit of mumbling and grumbling. From where we have camped, we can see down into the valley below and we wonder if we will have to cross another river tomorrow morning. With each river crossing, we lose valuable time. There was another thing that slowed us down this afternoon, a thunderstorm, that decided we were a good target. We had just come down from today’s high point, Hat Pass and the rumbling started. Luckily, we made it over the high point before the lightning and thunder began or we would have had to stop early before the pass and wait till morning. We continued hiking down until the rain began, then Mama and Papa Raven, and Whisper, stopped to put on our rain gear. Bling was ahead so we set out to catch up to him. We found him under the protection of a very large tree just waiting for us. We decided to eat something under its shelter. By the time we finished, the rain had stopped. We hope tomorrow will be clear and sunny because as we are retired in our tents for the night and we already are getting condensation in the them. By morning, our gear will be soaked and we will have to dry out again.


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