Atlantic City

Atlantic City (10_098)
Day 104 – 8/3/17
Miles – 16.9
Total miles – 1559.0

Town day, but not a town we planned on. We are going to Atlanta City. It is a very small town 1.3 miles off the trail. It has fifty-six full time residents, two restaurants, and a few cabins to rent where hopefully a shower can be taken.  Our guide book says no laundry is available, thus we will have to wash our clothes by hand if we are lucky enough to get a cabin. Our resupply food box is at South Pass City, four miles further which is even smaller with three full time residents and a ghost town museum. There are no cabins or restaurant.

Catwater and The Ravens woke early and packed fast for our town day. Quickly, we hiked to a bridge over the Sweetwater River, which is the first flowing river we have seen in a while. We took a break here.  From there, we split off of the trail and took the dirt road. The two parallel each other and the road was easier to follow, which meant we could go faster. We climbed out of the Great Basin and entered rolling hills with a few trees on them. Having shade was a real treat because in the Great Basin there has been none. Finally, we reached the cutoff to Atlanta City and we headed down. Our first stop was Wild Bills Guns, where cabin could be rented. They only have three cabins, which all were available thankfully. Each cabin sleeps two, so we had to rent two and Catwater got the third one. Bill and his wife, Carmela gave us the royal treatment with as much lemonade as we could drink, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, free laundry and showers. We quickly got laundry and showers going. Then around five we went over to the Miners Grubstake for dinner where we had cheese burgers all around.  The owner of the place came over to talk with us a bit, and she too treated us well. This tiny town has gone out of it’s way to treat the hikers grandly. By looking at the trail registry, not too many hikers stop here. We hope that changes. After dinner, we walked back to the cabins. All the roads where dirt and cows wondered up and down the roads and in people’s yards. Back at the cabin, Carmela had made homemade chocolate cake and ice cream for us.  In the evening, we sat on the back deck talking and watching the twenty or more hummingbirds flying about the trees and feeders that Bill has put out for them. We love town days!

Bill of Wild Bills Guns


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