Almost Done With This Section

Pelham Lake Creek (17_108 R)
Day 112 – 8/11/17
Miles – 21.2
Total miles – 1727.1

We slept too well. We woke up a half hour late. Our usual late time is only ten to fifteen minutes, so this was really late! Mama Raven woke telling us all about her dreams of food last night. She was torturing us as she described in detail each item.  Our morning hiking was in the cold morning light however we had clear blue sky above. The hiking was easy and the only problem we had was getting lost. We did that two times. Normally, we misplace the trail once every few days but today we were on a streak. The trail is easy to lose. It peters out in the grassland and we may pick up a cow path instead of the real trail or we may lose it under an area of down trees. A weak trail could make a sharp turn, and an animal trail continues straight off our trail causing us to hike the wrong direction.  The first time we lost the trail today was the worst. We followed the trail down a valley all grown over with plants. We went almost a mile, wading through the dew covered plants and flowers until we crossed a small stream and stopped for a break. Papa Raven looked at the GPS and saw that we were suppose to be on top of the ridge above us. Not far as the bird flies, but 300′ straight up above us. Instead of walking back through the plants, we decided to switchback up the ridge. This was made more difficult by smooth round rocks that covered the slope. They kept rolling under our feet. The second time we got lost, we just could not find the trail. The GPS was not helping. It did not want to update, so we kept wandering around looking for the trail.  Eventually, Papa Raven had to close the app and restart it then we were able to find the trail. Today we came across our first large bear foot prints in the dried mud. We are in Grizzly bear country now, so we will have to do things differently with our food such as hanging it at night and not cooking dinner were we sleep. We will be picking up two cans of bear spray in Dubois for added protection.

We were running on empty stomachs most of the day. Because of that, we were tired and hungry most of the time. We had a little food to get by, but not enough calories to satisfy our active bodies. We will come into town tomorrow with no food. That has never happened before. Usually we have something left over. We will not even have a full breakfast tomorrow, but we will survive. We only have 5.5 miles to get to the road and hopefully a fast hitch to town.


One thought on “Almost Done With This Section

  1. Bears, bear spray, no food, wet feet, wet gear… well at least the photography is absolutely beautiful. I am sure the fun out weighs the un fun..hahah.. such brave souls you are.


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