A Better Day

Leeds Creek (1913.5)
Day 111 – 8/10/17
Miles – 20.2
Total miles – 1705.9

Oh what a night! It rained until after 11:00. Finally, we went to sleep. It was not a good night rests. In fact, it might be the worst night sleep we have ever had. We were cold and everyone had to work to stay somewhat warm. The sleeping bags became the wettest we have ever experienced due to the high condensation levels inside the tent.  Come morning, we ate and then started the soggy job of emptying the tents of the soaked gear. Once out of the tents, we were happy to see almost no clouds in the sky. There was fog in the valley below and fresh snow on the high peaks above.  We carefully packed wet items with other wet items and the few dry items with dry. There would have to be some major drying out sometime today. After climbing to the top of Gunsight Pass, the land flattened out and was a mix of open fields the pine trees. For the past few days, we have been trying to move as fast as possible, but routinely, it seems that everything, especially the weather, was against us. Our newest issue is the lack of food. We are running out of food and we need to get to town. Our seven day section, looks like it will end up being nine days long.  We have been budgeting our food and eating dinner at our last break to stretch out food for the most energy impact. We go to bed without any food. Bling has been figuring out how much we can eat and when.  For a physical active day that we have, we are not eating very much and we really are getting hungry. The lack of calories is making us sluggish.

About midmorning, we stopped to dry everything, tents, sleeping bags, rain gear, clothes, food bags, and whatever else that was wet. It seems everything in our back packs, including themselves, were out drying over rocks and downed logs. It took an hour with the sun sliding behind clouds that were just starting to form. This was a critical task to do. We needed to get this job done before the clouds grew thick again and there would be no sun available. We did not want to go to bed tonight with dripping wet sleeping bags and tents. With a sigh of relief, the gear was dry. We set out again. We dropped into a huge pasture with hundreds of cows. Then it was back up into the trees and around Lake of the Woods. Along this area, we met southbound hiker High Country. He stared the CDT on the same day we did. He hiked New Mexico and then jumped to the Canadian boarder and is now hiking South. It was good to see him again. We finished hiking about 8:00 a little short of the 23 miles we wanted but considering the late start and dry time, we did not do too badly. No matter what, it looks like we are arriving to Dubois on the ninth day. At least, it will be in the morning.


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