A Wet Day

Deep Jack Trailhead (02_124 R)
Day 95 – 7/25/17
Miles – 24.6
Total miles – 1375.0

It lightly sprinkled during the night. In the morning, when we looked out the door of the tent the sky was all gray clouds. Our spirits headed down ward, this did not look good. The last thing we wanted was a day of rain, especially a day of rain that lasts for hours. It just is not pleasant. Mama Ravens stomach was feeling good this morning but she still was very tired. She might not be nauseated anymore but food still does not appeal to her. She just wanted to sleep. We packed up and headed toward our first of two ups for today. It was not a long up but it was steep. We crested the top and started toward Hwy 70. The trail started up high on ridges and the tops of drainages. We had to cross several meadows. It is very difficult to keep our feet dry when walking through meadows with standing pools of water in them. The thick gray clouds got lower and lower until it started to sprinkle. Just a very light sprinkle. It was so light we did not think much about it. But after several hours we began to really get wet. Realizing this, we had our umbrellas out the remainder of the day. Just as we got to Hwy 70, we came upon a trail magic cache with sodas! We had Mountain Dews and a Dr Pepper. What an unexpected treat! Thank you whoever is responsible for this. After crossing Hwy 70, we started our second big up. Slowly we hiked up the mountain and into a cloud. The temperature dropped and we put on all our rain gear.  Our visibility dropped because of the thick cloud we were in. We could just see the trees near us. As the rain continued, we crossed the top of the mountain and started down the other side. The farther we got away from the summit, the more the clouds lifted. Soon we could see into the valleys on either side of us. Our path over Bridger Peak was on a dirt road. As we were descending, we came upon a truck parked off the road. The driver asked directions to the nearest main road. About a mile back, he blew out a tire. He put on his spare, then he blow out another tire. We helped out the best we could, showing him maps on our GPS system and finding a campground three to four miles away.  He said he will sleep in his truck tonight and then in the morning he will walk out. We continued on. As the sun was going down, we got to a trail head and found a flat place back in the trees. We hope the weather will be clear tomorrow.


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