Not Well

Near a small lake (12_052)
Day 63 – 6/23/17
Miles – 5.3
Total miles – 866.8


The Ravens slept well in a soft warm bed. Our packs were filled and almost ready to go before bed last night. We woke a little later than normal, 6:30 and ate the blueberry, cream cheese frosting rolls we were given last night at the Hawaiian restaurant. They were amazingly delicious! Then we were faced with a problem. Should we go to the medical clinic or not? Mama Raven has been having a problem with her nasal passages. Mucus is constantly draining down her throat and she can not clear it.  It is an old problem she has had, but it has recently become worse with breathing issues, and intense headaches. It really causes problems when she is climbing. We have gone to several specialists with various tests and procedures performed back home with no solutions. She has seen general practitioners, ENTs, gastrointestinal doctors. The last one she visited said she has developed a habit of clearing her throat and needs physical therapy. Mama Raven gave up for a cure to her ailment. Now in the tiny community of Lake City, we have decided to go to yet another doctor. I talked to Hugh, the owner of North Face Lodge and he offered to drive us to the clinic, which opens at 9:30. He also said that the kids could stay in the room after the 11:00 checkout time if we needed to.  He has the room rented for tonight, but he wants to help us out.  Hugh drove Mama Raven and Papa Raven over to the clinic. Since we were walk-ins with no appointment, we needed to be fitted in between other appointments. Eventually, we saw the doctor after 1.5 hours. She ordered an x-ray of Mama Raven’s nasal passages. No physician we have seen in the past as recommended one of these before. After the ex-ray was completed, we found out, five of the six sinus cavities visible on the ex-ray are completely impacted with crude. It is suspected she has an old sinus infection that never cleared up and now has a new infection on top of that one.  For the next two weeks, she is to take a strong antibiotics, probiotics, two different nasal sprays, and a nasal wash. The doctor is unsure if this will clear it up completely because it is an infection she has had so long (two years). Another ex-ray is suppose to be taken in two weeks, preferably by an ENT doctor. We probably can get an ex-ray taken but most likely it will not be by a specialist. At noon time,  Hugh picked us up and took us back to the room. We loaded our packs into his truck. Next, we walked to a nearby grocery store for some last minute items for the upcoming trail and for the nasal supplies required for Mama Raven.  They did not have probiotics, so Hugh gave us some of his own till we get to Salida, our next food drop. One more quick stop was made at the  bakery for some lunch items and we were ready to get back to the trail. If the town was not booked for tomorrows big cross country race, we would have stayed another night, Mama Raven was not feeling well and just wanted to sleep. Hugh dropped us off at Spring Creek Pass, where he picked us up yesterday afternoon. We can not say thank you enough to Hugh and the North Face Lodge for all his help to us. He went above and beyond what most people would do for some tired and dirty hikers. After we said our good byes, we sat on the ground in the trail head parking area and ate lunch before heading up the steep trail out of the valley. We ate, feeling good from the kindness we have received in Lake City and hoping Mama Ravens health issues are finally going to be addressed.
The hike from Spring Creek Pass is 2 miles of up and in Mama Raven’s condition it was very slow. Once on top, we crossed beautiful Snow Mesa, a very flat treeless area with gentle, green rolling hills, little lakes, and lots of wind. At the far side, we stopped early for the night. There was a big climb ahead, and, with the way Mama Raven’s was feeling, it would be better to let her get some extra sleep. Thus, we found a flat location, somewhat protected from the wind, and set camp. I hope she is feeling somewhat better tomorrow.






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