Into Salida

Salida ()
Day 68 – 6/28/17
Miles – 12.8
Total miles – 962.3


It’s a town day! Hooray! Move, move, move! Well it really was not like that. We had a slow start. When we did get going, we started with a climb, not a big one, that would come later. We moved quickly to the top and headed down to the next saddle. After walking through a thick pine forest, the trail dropped down to a parking lot. We took a short break then started the 1000′ climb around a mountain. The climb was well graded and we made good time reaching the top, a open shoulder of the mountain. We took a quick break out of the wind. The next 5 miles was a level and we covered the distance easily and soon we were hiking down toward Monarch Pass. We know we are getting close to civilization when day hikers are spotted. On the way down we bumped into a German couple, Skipper and Walkabout, who we have not seen since Cuba, New Mexico. They are rehiking a section they had to miss because of an emergency tooth infection Skipper had. After having her tooth pulled and the infection cleared up, they are back on the trail.
My dad is meeting us here and taken us to Salida for a few days. The tricky part is that we did not know when we would get here and they did not know when they would get to Salida. We came in around 1:30 and got sandwiches and drinks. Rabinath bought the kids double scoops of ice cream! That was a real treat for them because their parents only ever by them a single scoop. Then we waited. Rabinath went out in the parking lot looking for someone heading down to Salida for a ride. After a short ten minutes, he had a ride to town. There is no cell service here at the pass, so Papa Raven set off the Spot device to tell his dad were here. The store attendee, told us the only location for cell service is at the top of the mountain. The only way to get there is to pay for a gondola ride. After waiting for several hours, Papa Raven, decided to take a ride to the top to make a phone call. As Joon, Bling, and Papa Raven rode the tram car up, grandpa Bob arrived. Oh well!  The kids and he walked around the building at the top and then headed back down. Back at the bottom of the mountain, Mama Raven and dad sat talking and waiting for our return. Once down, we load up the car and headed to Salida. We will resupply here before heading back up the mountain, after a day or so off.








3 thoughts on “Into Salida

  1. Hi Ravens!
    You are in my neck of the woods where I grew up hiking and camping. Monarch Pass is one of my favorite places for cross country skiing. Try to get to Como and soak in the hot springs!
    Sorry about all the sinus problems Mama Raven.
    Take care and safe travels.


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