Bling’s Blog Salida

Bling’s Blog
Lake City to Salida
June 30, 2017

This section has been my favorite since entering Colorado.,  Up until now, ever since we entered Colorado, we have been trudging through snow which is hard work. Everyday we were having to traverse across many steep snow slopes. There were times we would go straight down vertical slopes. Because of the snow, we were able to only go fourteen miles a day. On the second day of this section, we dropped out of the high San Juan Mountains. Finally, we were able to stretch out our legs and make some miles. The land has changed completely. We now are hiking in grassy, rolling hills. We even have hiked through some huge Aspen tree groves. We are beginning to hike faster now and are doing twenty miles days again. We have not been able to do since New Mexico. I am looking forward  to reaching Salida because we are going to take time off and rest.

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