So Tired

Near Atchuleta Lake (4_100)
Day 53 – 6/13/17
Miles – 10.0
Total miles – 744.6


We got up early, loaded the truck, and headed out. We pulled into Walmart and I got out to look for sun glasses. Everyone else headed over to Subway for breakfast. I found a pair of glasses that would work and joined them. We loaded back in the truck and ate as we drove. I contacted Treeman and told him we should be there around 9:30. And that is when we made it to the pass. There was a biting cold wind blowing, so we walked up the trail a bit too find QuickSilver and Treeman waiting for us in a sheltered location. Soon we were on the trail headed North. Over Easy joined us for a little ways. It was great to see Over Easy again. Thanks for all your help and tell Sunny Side Up we missed seeing her.  We hope we will see her in Leadville.
Mama Raven is nervous about this upcoming section because it is suppose to be as difficult as the last one. We will have to wait and see. We walked up away from Wolf Creek Pass on clear tail with only patches of snow. Mama and Papa Raven, and Treeman, had problems with the altitude, we could not catch our breath. We are nearly at 11,000′ in elevation.  In the beginning, we hiked on actual trail, but all good things have to come to an end. For us, that occurred when the trail went to the north side of the mountain. At least it was not a steep traverse, instead we walked out flat ramps then dropped down to another one. This went on for a while. Next, we had to round a series of ridges heading north, away from the high snow covered mountains towards snow free mountains. At least on the south side with less snow. By this time, the snow had softened up and traversing became easier. In fact, Bling wanted to lead one traverse. It gave him an idea how tiring it is to kick foot holds. By the end of the day, we started hitting more long sections of trail. However, everyone was tired from hiking in the snow most of the day. We passed several good camping places trying to get closer to tomorrows big up. We will be doing it first thing in the morning. The cold wind never let up and I know it will freeze tonight. As I write this, I have on four layers. It is time to get into the sleeping bag.



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