Day 44, 45, and 46 – 6/4/17 R, 6/5/17 R, and 6/6/17 R
Miles – 0
Total Miles – 665.4
We spent three days and four nights in Chama letting snow melt a bit. Chama was a nice town although a bit spread out. We were staying at one end, and stores and post office were a mile away at the opposite end. Thru-hikers are very lazy in town, they do not want to walk any more than they have to.  Everybody’s favorite place to go was the Fudge Factory. While we were in Chama, we had thunderstorms two of the days and one loud one at night. We are concerned about the weather as we hike out, more thunderstorms are predicted for Wednesday and Thursday and then it should get nicer.
We have stayed four nights here and we have been in three different hotels.  We moved out of the first one because it was to expensive.  The second one was great and we would have liked to stay there but they were replacing all the carpeting and we could only stay one night.  The third hotel was not bad, a cowboy themed room and not a bad price.
Our packs are going to be extremely heavy.  We picked up snowshoes, ice axes, and crampons. Between Chama and Pagosa Springs, is deep snow making the trail impossible to find and dangerous at higher elevations. I hope we need them so we can justify the extra weight. Reports from hikers who have already gone through the next section, say they have moved very slowly. Many have only averaged twelve miles a day. Thus we have added time to our schedule.  Instead of our planned four days, we are going to prepare for six days.
We will be hiking the next section with both Treeman and Quick Silver.  It is better to have a group and we are happy to add Quick Silver to the five of us.


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