Happy Birthday Joon

Chama Hotel (32_028)
Day 44 – June 4, 2017
Miles – 0.0
Total miles – 665.4


Joon’s birthday request was to be in town and we succeeded! First thing this morning, Treeman arrived at our hotel room with a huge, orange poppy he picked on the way to our room for her and sang to Joon a German birthday song. It was a very special moment we will all remember. Thank you Treeman!!!
We will be in Chama for several days. Everyday we can hold off hiking, more snow melts. Between Chama and Pagosa Springs they had way above average snow fall this winter. Some hikers are skipping this section, while others are leaving for two weeks and returning when it is easier to make it through the snow pack. Some hold up in towns waiting. However, this can become very expensive with hotel rooms and food. That is what we are doing, but only for three days. A week ago, the hikers that did not skip this section and hiked through it, averaged only eleven to twelve miles a day. We originally planned to hike it in four days, however we are adding extra food for six days. Leaving Chama, our back packs are going to be extremely heavy with ice axes, micro spikes, and snow shoes. At the post office in Chama, we had eleven boxes of gear waiting for us. Our hotel is at one end of town and the PO is a mile away at the opposite end. We were going to have to make several trips back and forth to get our boxes. However, Silver is being picked up by his wife, Calamity Jane, to skip this section or to wait for snow to melt. He, like so many hikers, including ourselves are uncertain about the next sections hiking. Anyways, thankfully with the use of their car,  they helped us with our boxes. Silver is an older gentleman who has already hiked the CDT twice before, along with the PCT and Appalachian Trail three times each. He is a legend of long distance hiking.
Back to Joon’s birthday. Joon’s Grandparents sent her a new pair of cheetah print gaiters (Joon loves cheetahs).  Our friends the Sims, sent her a homemade Birthday card with a special message, and Mama and Papa Raven got her a new hiking shirt. The Ravens, Treeman, and Quick Silver, had dinner at a restaurant. Afterwards, we were going to celebrate with a triple, chocolate cake that we purchased from the local grocery store, back in our hotel room. Instead, Joon wanted to take her cake to Nuthatches hotel and surprise her and cheer her up after her traumatic experience of breaking her leg and ankle. Once again, Silver and Calamity Jane helped us out with their vehicle and delivered eight hikers, including themselves and a chocolate cake to Nuthatches room. Nuthatch and Party Saver are sharing a room with Dassie and AJ. After arriving to their hotel, we went up and knocked on their door. Party Saver answered, and at first he only saw two hikers. He said come in, and a line of hikers kept entering their tiny room: Bling, Joon, Treeman, Quick Silver, Silver, Calamity Jane and Mama and Papa Raven. We chatted for a while, and then lit Birthday candles, sang happy birthday and all had a wonderful evening. It was good to see Nuthatch smiling.  Everybody was smiling and enjoying themselves. This might be one of Joon’s favorite birthdays ever.

PS. This was a difficult section for hikers. At Joon’s b’day party of hikers, there was Treeman who received six stitches in his knee, AJ experienced a dislocated knee cap, and Nuthatch, with dislocated ankle, two broken bones in her lower leg and one broken bone in her shin bone.






4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Joon

  1. What a selfless idea to share your birthday with Nuthatch, Joon. As they say “happiness multiplies when we divide it with others”……..or something like that 😊 Best of birthday wishes. It will be fun to chill out for a few days!


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