On to Grants

Solar well (CT_0199)
Day 24 – 5/15/17
Miles – 23.0
Total miles – 357.3


We got up at 6:00, ate a piece of pie for breakfast.  We were on the trail by 7:00. Today’s hiking was uneventful. We were on a dirt road all day. The terrain was flat with only the smallest hills. We worked our way north northeast. Even though we are over 7000′, there is only junipers, a few pine, and grasses.
Mama Raven’s feet were feeling very good and we hiked fast throughout the morning. We came closer to doing a 10×10, (10 miles by 10:00). That is a pace that, if you can hold it, you’ll have a good chance of doing a 30. We’re not there yet.
We stopped by the Thomas’s house for water. They are an older couple who likes to help hikers. Also, Mr Thomas likes to talk. In fact, it is hard to get away. We listened to his stories from his youth and being in the Korean War. They are more genuinely sweet New Mexicans that we have met.  However, it reached a point we had to excuse our selves.
We hiked out of there with the next water only 8 miles away. We reached the water trough at about 6:00. We decided to stop for the night because we headed out into a wide grassland with no cover from the strong wind. Endless and Queen Bee joined us.
We did 23 miles today, that is our biggest day yet. Hopefully, if Mama Ravens feet hold out with her new shoes, we will make good time and arrive to Grants earlier then we planned.






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