Valle Tio Vences (PT_101)
Day 20 – 5/11/17
Miles – 20.1
Total miles – 304.4


It was another cold night, but we were thrilled to wake to blue skies. However, as we packed, clouds started to roll in. Not the big dark cells that we had yesterday, but round puffy ones. We packed for rain just in case.
We started hiking through the pine covered hills and down into the oak valleys. About mid morning, the trail cut off on a dirt road and we all started down it. Mama Raven and Bling out in front with Joon and I taking up the rear. I checked the map and saw that the trail cut off in less then a mile. By this time Mama Raven and Bling were out of sight. Joon and I continued down the road looking for the cut off. After a while, I checked the map and found that we had missed it, then I noticed that there were no footprints in front of us. Did Mama Raven and Bling take the cut off and we walked by it? Were they still in front of us? No footprints and only two sets of hiking pole holes, they must be behind us. Joon and I turned around and hiked back until we found the trail cut off. We started up it. It was very had to spot any footprints because the ground was covered with pine needles and the soil was firmly packed from yesterday rain. Finally, we decided they did not come up the trail, so they must have been farther down the road. I knew that they would come back for us because when ever the leaders get ahead they stop and wait for the tail to catch up. If the people in the back do not show up, the ones in front start hiking back. What now worried me was that they would come back and past the trail cutoff. Joon and I hurried back. We dropped our the packs and walked up the road looking for Mama Ravens footprints. We could not look for Bling’s because his shoes and mine are the same, so the footprints match. The only difference is size. After 10 minutes or so we found one print of Mama Raven and it was heading down the road. We walked back to the packs to wait for them. A few minutes later, we heard Bling calling, there he was hiking back up the road. Soon after, Mama Raven showed up. The Ravens were back together. All and all it took about an hour to regroup.
We’ve decided to take the Pie Town Road Walk Alt, mainly because it is 10 miles shorter and with luck, we could get our box on Saturday, before the post office closed until Monday. The dirt road we started out on was a little rocky and it led us up into the next set of mountains. We spent the rest of the day climbing up ridges and dropping into valleys. At one point, we came across a small herd of elk, which ran away as soon as they saw us. We stopped for the night at a small campground. All day long the sky was filled with small individual puffy clouds. Bling describes it as a sea of clouds that keep rolling through.
We have about 30 miles to get to Pie Town and we need to do it be 9:30 Saturday morning. That is when the post office closes. I’m not sure if we’ll make it.






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