Grants (20_217 R)
Day 27, 28 – 5/18/17, 5/19/17
Miles – 6.6
Total miles – 407.4


It was a long night. It started out as most any other night on the CDT in New Mexico, but soon we had a visitor. First we heard footsteps of a large animal. Then it put it’s nose against our tent and sniffed, and it sniffed loudly. A quick peek outside confirmed that three horses were very curious about us. They repeatedly sniffed our tent and we would talk to them and push their noses away. After they were done with us, they walked over to Catwater’s tent and checked her tent out and then back our way. At one point, one of them kept nuzzeling our tent, and Mama Raven would scratch his nose. He thought we were playing with them and before we knew it he was scratching his hoof on our tent wall.  He could easily hurt the tent so we had to push him away.  Also they knocked out one of our tent pegs. They did the same to Catwater. One of them was able to put his face inside her tent.  The horses bugged us for several hours then one if them laid down next to our tent. Where he promptly passed the longest gas we have ever heard. Finally, they wondered off and we were able to get some sleep. Later that night it started to rain, not hard, but enough to got everything wet. Come morning we were visited by them again, this time Bling and Joon were awake and could witness the antics of the three horses.  As Catwater said, they were acting like playful dogs biting and wrestling with each other. We laughed and giggled as we packed our gear and the horses harassed us. We petted them as we said good bye.
We only had about 6 miles to reach the hotel thus we hiked quickly. There is nothing more exciting to a thru hiker than a town day with a room and food.  Just after the trail crosses Hwy 40 we stopped at the convenience store for a few drinks. We got to the hotel around 10:00 but no rooms were available yet, so we dropped our packs and went to the Subway for food. Finally, around noon we were allowed into our rooms. Catwater is right next door to us. The rest of the day was taken up with showers, washing clothes, cleaning gear, hot Epsom salt baths for feet and catching up on blogs. We also got our re-supply boxes and just relaxed. There is a chance of rain tonight so being inside is a real treat.

We woke to very gray skies and it had rained overnight. We went to have breakfast a bit after 6:00. The air was cold. As we sat at breakfast it started to snow, big fat snow flakes. There was not a lot but enough to cover the ground in a thin blanket. We were very glad we were not hiking out today. The weather said that it was 33°. By mid-morning the clouds had broken, the sun had come out, all the snow had melted, and it was still cold. Catwater and Papa Raven went over to the post office to handle some boxes. Mama Raven finished sorting our boxes and generally got ready to hike out tomorrow. The weather is getting better.  The weather outlook is a warming trend for the next week. That is excellent news for us!






7 thoughts on “Grants

  1. Thanks for the newsie news. Those horses did look like fun. Maybe they were your ride for the next 100 miles or so. The four or five of you seem to be getting your walking legs and feet developed as the miles walk by. May the journey increase your peace of mind.


  2. So glad Mama Raven is in her groove. My stomach turned when I saw your toe. Oh my goodness, hope the NB are bringing you much love! Them horses were cracking me up. They were having a hay day with you five. Too funny. I remember when my friends and I had a herd of deers that kept running into our tents and when we went out to greet them, my silly friend said, “How come they ran into our guide lines? Didn’t they see the reflective tape?” Crazy girl, deers don’t have headlamps! They don’t see our reflective tape on the tents! Glad your tribe is doing well and like Puff Puff, if only. Love reading your blog and look forward to your adventures. Miss you bunches…


  3. Hello Ravens! This is your personal Gila Hermit Doug. I got access to a computer and lots and lots and lots of help to find you! I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time. I trust all is well. God bless you!
    Always, with fond memories,


  4. Thank you Ann and Will for the guitar loan. We will treat her with kit gloves. I’ll be contacting Wendy pronto.
    What an adventurer!


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