We got above 8000′

Burro Mountain Homestead (06_071 R)
Day 8 – 4/28/17
Miles – 19.2
Total miles – 124.5


It was cold and windy when we woke up this morning. The sky was covered with light and dark gray clouds. This was our first morning on our trip that we were slow to get out of camp.  We were stalled by preparing Mama’s Ravens feet to hike: Band-Aids, Neosporian, tape, and toe caps, which is an item Catwater gave us to try.
The day began slowly working our way down the east side of a range of mountains, as we dropped in elevation, we hiked out of the trees. About noon we came upon some beautiful and unexpected trail magic. Someone had put out a cooler with fresh fruit, sodas, beer, cold water. Also, there was vegetables, cheese and crackers, and the fixings for a PB&J sandwichs. The Ravens, Catwater, and Dassie enjoyed the special treats. All of us were grateful for whomever left it. After eating, we started a climb, gentle at first and steeper as it went on. We were on our first big climb of the trip so far, a 2000 foot elevation increase to the top of Burro Mountain. Because our endurance is not strong yet, it took longer than we wanted it to. Nonetheless, we reached the top in the mid afternoon and took only  a short break because it was cold and very windy. The wind blow all day and some gusts, on the mountain edges, were upwards of 50 mph. After leaving the top, we dropped, quickly. This was also the first big drop off the trip and we lost all the elevation we gained during the day. As we hiked down, it sprinkled very lightly.
All of us have been trying to figure out if we should go down to Burro Mountain Homestead, which is a campground that offers free camp sites, showers, water, and coffee to CDT hikers.  It is a mile off of the trail. Mama Ravens feet were done for the day and she did not want to go any farther, so down to the Homestead we went along with Catwater and Dassie. As soon as we pitched out tents and all of our gear inside the tents, it started to lightly rain.  However it stopped shortly after but then started up again.  This pattern continues even as I write this. To add to the fun, we have been hearing lighten on and off, all around us. I hope this breaks before morning. I do not look forward to hiking in the rain especial with strong winds, that makes it hard to use our umbrellas.
The condition of some of these campgrounds we hike to is unknown. Sometimes they are very crude and others are immaculately clean.  Burro Mountain Homestead was the latter.  It is a real treat to find places like this.





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