If you combined hail and snow, what would you have?

Spring and tank (06_275 R)
Day 9 – 4/29/17
Miles – 21.3
Total miles – 145.8


Sometime around 3:00 am, the wind let up making it easier to sleep. Annoyingly, tents make so much noise when it is windy it makes for a long night of little sleep.  It was cold when wet got up at 6:00. It is very dry in southern New Mexico so our tents easily dried overnight. Everyone collected in the rec-room to fill water bottles, and they have coffee for those that drank it.  After the sun was up, we started hiking back to the trail. Today’s trail was not difficult.  As we slowly dropped in elevation, we rolled down and over many small hills. The toughest part of the day, other than blisters, was the weather. It started out cold and stayed that way with the wind blowing most of the day. At one point, the sky cleared, but in no time, the gray clouds collected over us again. For the most part, they were East of us, down wind. However, as the day went on, the clouds started to form above us. Mid morning we could see it raining to the east and in the later afternoon a large rain storm raged for hours north of us. Finally, a mile from where we wanted to camp, it rained over us. Originally, it started out as rain, but quickly turned into a cross between hail and snow. Some of it was like clumps of snow that looked like small bundles of hail. If you touched one, it would fall apart into individual snow flakes.  Whatever it was, it came down thickly.  It dropped down in waves. The ground was to warn so it melted right away when it landed. It “snailed” for only ten minutes.
The hiking to our camp was down a river bed. We took a small side canyon back a 100′ and found a large flat sandy area, perfect for camping.
As Papa Raven cooked quasadillas for dinner, Bling said that he had Gateraid for us.  What Gateraid? Looking in his tent there he was sitting drinking a Gateraid. Where did he get that? He informed us that it was sitting by the edge of the trail and he carried it, wanting to surprise us. He did.
We will be getting into Silver City tomorrow, a day early. We need some time to let our feet heal.




One thought on “If you combined hail and snow, what would you have?

  1. Oh, Ann, I just cannot imagine how you continue walking when your feet hurt. I will say prayers for you (all) for relief! We love the adventures with you all!


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