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Within ten miles out of Lordsburg, we were up in the mountains with trees around us and out of the barren desert. I like being at higher elevations. There are trees. It is cooler and there are views. My hiking is the strongest I have ever done. Usually my mom is in the lead with me behind her followed by Joon and my dad.  My mom has always said that one day I will be faster than she is, and I guess that day is now. The weather has cooled off a good bit since our first days of hiking. In fact on our last full day of hiking in this section, it snowed.  When it hit the ground it would instantly melt. On the day into Silver City, we had to walk five miles down a sandy wash, where we passed by lots of cows.  There were many baby cows. My dad and I went to a water trough to check out the water and we came across another dead cow.  This is becoming a normal scene in New Mexico. After the sandy wash, we had a thirteen mile walk on a busy road. Sometimes we were able to walk on the shoulder, where it was softer on the feet, but most of it was on the asphalt.  My feet hurt really bad. I do not like road walking with a heavy pack! We have decided to take a few days off here to heal the feet.  We call these zero days, because we have hiked zero miles. The first two days were relaxing, but now on our fourth day it is very boring.  My mom and dad say we are leaving tomorrow, no matter what. I hope so.
I have learned that Silver City is where the outlaw Billy the Kid lived for several years until he was put in jail and escaped during the mid 1800’s.

List of hikers we met and where they are from:
Numbers – unknown

Animal Sitings:
Rattlesnake – 1
Racer snake – 3
Cows – many
Dead cows – 5



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