Oh, the Feet Hurt

Vista Tank (03_038)
Day 3 – 4/23/17
Miles – 20.1
Total miles – 50.4


The day started out cool and windy.  The temperature was perfect for hiking. To make things even better, we had about 9 miles of walking on a dirt road. This meant a nice open path with few obstacles. We exited the road just before our first water source, a well the fed small pond. We caught up with Dassie, a young women from South Africa who started the trail the same day we did.  Yesterday, we were told that the well was operational, but we could not get it to work. Luckily, we had enough water to get us another 6 miles more to the third water cache.
Water is a big topic throughout New Mexico.  We are hike through the Chihuahua Desert and it is dry! After we get beyond the water caches, we will be completely relying on water wells.  The wells out here are water source for the cattle, so in many cases it is not the best water to look at, all brown and mucky with cow prints and droppings in and around it. Not appealing at all. So for the first 85 miles, all CDT hikers are so very grateful for the caches.
As the afternoon wore on, the wind died down and the heat rose.  Joon is the only one that is not having some kind the foot problem.  Bling has his first blister and it is in a bad place, under a callus. He tried lancing it but he could not reach it. Papa Raven had inflamed areas around each heal. They burn as he walks. Mama Raven has two blister on either side of the same toe, and her Planters Fascitis is causing severe heal pain.  All of this is on her right foot.  Her chest pain from falling on her hiking pole handle is still bothering her.
After leaving the water cache, we hiked four more miles, passing two tire tanks, which are large tracker tires that have been converted to water troughs for cows. We finally got to Vista Tank a large dried up pond. Why it is called a tank, I have no idea. It is a pond.
Dassie, and Catwater are camped with us.  We all agreed, we pushed ourselves a little too far today in the hot temperatures. Catwater is experiencing a severe case of heat exhaustion and completely unable to hold down any food. Dassie and Mama Raven are sound asleep in the tents, Papa Raven is cooking dinner while Bling and Joon are having a squirt gun fight out in the dried pound bed. Those two have endless supply of energy.





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