Into Lordsburg

Lordsburg (05_014)
Day 5 – 4/25/17
Miles – 17.3
Total miles – 85.0


The wind blew most of the night, but we were shielded from it by a stand of 12′ high trees. A big reason why we choose this location was is protection from the wind.  We are short a few litters of water, so we hiked 1.2 miles to the next tank and filtered it.  The wind was strong as we hiked the flat open plain toward Pyramid Mountain. As we rounded it, the wind really started to push us around. We found out later that the wind was a sustained 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.   When we topped the ridge and started down toward our last water cache and Lordsburg we had a great view north at a sand storm. The sand storm was not thick.  It was like a thin fog with reduced visibility and stinging sand as it hit our legs and faces. Periodically, we would have to spit sand out of our mouths.  Finally, we reached the cache to get water and hide behind the large metal container. After 30-45 minutes, we reluctantly headed back into the wind storm over to the short cut road to Lordsburg.
Several miles from town, the sand storm blow by us and we had much better views of the surrounding terrain. It looked about the same as the last four days have. All six of us (4 Ravens, Catwater, and Dassie) got rooms, showers, and a good dinner. We will be taking a zero tomorrow. Around five o’clock, six weary hikers limped into Lordsburg. For right now The Ravens, Catwater and Dassie have become a hiking team. At some point or another,  that will change, but for right now it is a perfect match and we can help keep others spirits up.







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