Little Crows New Name

We leave tomorrow.     Because of things our of our control we had to put off our departure by one day.   We will still be starting out hike on the 21st.  The shuttle waits for no one.

All the boxes are done, taped up and handed off to friends Karin and Denise, who will mail them for us through out the summer.   They know what they are getting into because they did this job for us on our PCT hike.   We have figured out the last of the equipment issues.  There are just a few little things that still need to be bought.  We are working hard on getting the house ready.  Mama Raven is cleaning it from stem to stern.  She wants to leave a good impression on the people staying here.

When we did the PCT in 2015 we had one person stay at our house to take care of the pets the whole time.  This time we will be having two people stay at different times of the summer.  However, we do not have anybody for the last week of August and September.    Frantically,  we are trying to resolve the issue.

Little Crow  is growing up quick and she wants a new name that does not make her sound like a “little” girl.  Thus, she will be hunting a new name on the CDT.  Mama Raven has  suggested Yo-yo, ?  But I think someone else should name her, that way it will not be bias.

5 thoughts on “Little Crows New Name

  1. Will be looking forward to your hiking posts. Have a wonderful time and if you get in a bind over that last week for animal care you can always give me a call.


  2. And they are off again! This is so inspiring to read about your journey. I so dream of being there, hiking the dusty trail with my friends The Ravens, Treeman (just ahead of you), Cat-Water and Shane (should be right behind you). My most favorite people of the PCT. Can’t wait to hear what Little Crow’s new name is? Hmmm, sounds like she is growing up fast. Hope to see you somewhere on the trail. Godspeed Ravens and may He bless your every step. Love you bunches GG


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