A long overdue announcement


Sorry for the delayed announcement.  After making the final decision to hike the trail, our priority has been focused on preparing for the trip.   Since we have such a short time to get ready for the CDT, there has been very little time to do anything.  Homeschooling Bling and Little Crow  takes a large chunk of time.  Having Papa Raven unemployed has been a blessing because Mama Raven could not do it all on her own.

On 4/21 we will start hiking north on the CDT.  Our current plan is to thru-hike the whole trail in  5 1/2 months.  Our starting date is later than we would like, but if we start too early,  we will have too much snow  in the San Juan Mountains.  Another factor that effected our starting date, was that the shuttle to Crazy Cooks Monument will only take 10 hikers a day and it  runs only on specific days of the week.  By the time we signed up for the shuttle,  earlier days were already taken.  Most thru-hikers starting at Crazy Cooks Monument take the shuttle because the drive out to the monument is 3 hours long on a very poor maintained 4×4 road.  Most vehicles can not make it.  The shuttle service also provides on route water for hikers the first five days of the trail.  This is very useful because there is very little water in southern New Mexico.  We will attempt to keep updates during our preparations for our hike, however due to our busy schedule, there might not be many.


7 thoughts on “A long overdue announcement

  1. I am so excited for all of you and look forward to following your next adventure! Good luck in your preparation stage and best wishes for happy trails!


    • All The Ravens are excited to hear from you. When Papa Raven read your message to me, my mind was flooded with wonderful memories of you being my children’s teacher. My personal favorite was releasing the butterflies that the children had watched for weeks metamorphosing from the chrysalises. As Bling and Little Crow hike, it is comforting to know that you are out there reading about their big adventure.


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