Almost There!

Day 31 – 8/6/16
Several camps before Holman Pass
Miles – 23.6
Total Miles – 490.9 (PCT 2630.5)
Given we camped in a deep valley we did not see the sun for a long time this morning. We had thousands of feet to climb in the first five miles. We started the first half of the climb, to Glacier Pass, in a strong very cold wind. It was blowing down stream and it was biting cold. It finally let up as in entered the trees on the pass. The second half of the climb was up the west side of the valley wall. It passes through open fields of flowers and lush vegetation and had great views of the surrounding mountains. We came upon a huge marmot standing tall at the entry to its den waiting for the sun to hit him. He did not move as we passed by.
Right at the beginning of the climb, we came across a backpack sitting on the side of the trail. The backpack had a name tag on it and it matched the name on the Canadian entry papers we found yesterday. Whoever this person was, they got rid of a lot of gear yesterday and their pack today. They are about 8-10 miles from Harts Pass. We hope they are OK and are trying to get out.
The climb up the valley wall is not hard, just long. The trail is well graded. About halfway up, we came across two men. One with a pack and the other without. We had found the man who was leaving gear along the trail. Mama Raven got there first and was talking to them. It is a father and son from Georgia who planned to hike from Rainy Pass to Canada but the altitude was too much for the 73 year old father. They are now planning on exiting at Harts Pass. The son realized the problem with the information on the entry papers, and he was very happy when we returned them. The son was planning on getting his dad to the top of the ridge and then going back down for his dad’s backpack. We hiked on.
After climbing to the top of the ridge, we started a very easy section. The trail does not change altitude very much and it traverses over many passes. Most of the terrain was open fields of flowers with grass and trees here and there. It is very beautiful. We hiked on from pass to pass until it was getting late and we found a camp next to the trail. We should get to Monument 78 tomorrow. Now if the rain would hold off for one day. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday.
Today’s passes: Glacier Pass, Harts Pass, Buffalo Pass, Windy Pass, Foggy Pass, and Jim Pass.

2 thoughts on “Almost There!

  1. What life surprises are found on the trail, life lessons for everyone, young and older. I pray the father and son find there way safely to the trail head and help.
    Following along and enjoying the walk from my computer chair, no rain expected here.


  2. You truly have a giving heart.
    Relieved to hear that father and son are taking small steps to leaving and that you were able to connect and help them.
    Looking forward to more pictures and your safe return home. We miss the Ravens!!


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