Night of Card Playing

Day 30 – 8/5/16
Brush Creek
Miles – 20.7
Total Miles – 467.3 (PCT 2606.9)
Despite sleeping next to a loud river, we slept well. This morning we needed to finish the long 25 mile climb we started yesterday. We set out from camp to Rainy Pass. We crossed Hwy 2 and started the next part of our up, climbing to the top of Cutthroat Pass. It is a good pull up from Rainy Pass to Cutthroat Pass, but we did it with only one short rest to remove jackets. The views from the top of Cutthroat Pass are expansive both East and West. This is where we took our first break of the day.  From Cutthroat Pass we contoured around the mountain and then dropped down to Granite Pass. Looking North, we tried to guess which mountains were in Canada. The Ravens are getting excited to be so close to their final goal.   After reaching Granite Pass and we then contoured around toward Methow Pass. This is where we camped last year and watched the lunar eclipse. The pass is wide and open and we sat there relaxing and eating before continuing on. Now the trail dropped into a narrow river valley. It was not a steep down but it continued for miles.
On the way down, we came upon something strange, someone had lined up on a log 9 or 10 freeze-dried dinners, three shirts, long John pants, rope, Esbits fuel, maps, and their Canadian entry papers. Everything was in zip lock bags. After reading the entry papers, we discovered that the person started from Rainy Pass and was headed into Canada. He started on 8/4 and would get to Canada on 8/8. All we could think of, is that he was dumping extra weight, but the maps were for this section and he would need the entry papers. The other problem with the entry papers is that it has his SS number and Passport number. Not something to just leave lying around. Very strange. Looking at the birthdate on the Canadian entry paper we knew he was an older gentleman in his mid seventies. We decided to take the entry papers with us and hopefully we would run into him.
As we got to the end of the decent from Methow Pass, we came to the last camp before our next climb. It was too late to make it to the next camp but to early to stop. We did not want to come in after dark so we decided to have an early camp. We had time to play some cards together. We are tucked into a little camp about 50′ from the river.

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