Getting out of town

Day 23 – 7/29/16
Before Lake Janus
Miles – 9.3
Total Miles – 331.6 (PCT 2471.1)
Today was an easy day. We took our time getting our of the hotel room because our bus back to Stevens Pass would not depart from Leavenworth until 1:15. While the kids were taking their showers, (it will be six days before an opportunity to have another shower), Mama Raven and I walked to the grocery store to pick up hot dogs for tonight’s dinner. We returned to the room and everyone packed all of their backpacks. We waited in the hotel room until the 11:00, checkout time. The hotel receptionist said we could store our packs in a corner of the lobby while we went to town for lunch.  We first walked to an island surrounded by the Wenatchee River. About noon, we worked our way back to town and picked up some Subway sandwiches for lunch. At 12:30, we returned to the hotel and picked up our backpacks and then we walked to the gas station where we would catch the bus. We sat in the shade waiting. The temperature in Leavenworth, the last few days, has been in the upper 90’s, Stevens Pass should be in the upper 70’s. A big difference. The bus came about 1:25. Forty-five minutes later we were back at Stevens Pass. We took care of a few things, and finally we started to hike at 3:00. The trial north out of Stevens Pass was very easy. It is built on an old railroad track bed, so it is very wide and flat. After several miles, it turned up a valley and crossed a ridge to Valhalla Lake. We took a quick break there and ate the sausages and mini muffins from this morning’s breakfast at the hotel. As we left the lake, we crossed another ridge and started to drop. Over the next few miles, we dropped down and crossed two more saddles. It was getting late as we came towards the next saddle were we found a large flat place to camp. It was an easy first day back on the trail. Mama Ravens toe did not bother her at all. We made a good choice to have part of her toe nail removed.

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