Stevens Pass

Day 20 – 7/26/16
Just beyond Stevens Pass
Miles – 15.4
Total Miles 322.3 (PCT 2461.8)
We woke with condensation inside of the tents dripping on us. For some reason the condensation was very bad over night. As we packed up, we dried the tents with our bandannas. The sun rose to another glorious rain free day. We decided to take the time to dry the tents in the morning sun before we packed them.  While the tents dried in the sun, the kids played games running through and scrambling up the rock piles behind our camp.  Our camp site was high up a mountain side just below a jagged spire of rock. We had dramatic views of snow-covered Glacier Peak to the north.  Beyond it was another range of mountains. We were wondering if those far off mountains were in Canada or not?  We suspect they were because we only have ten more hiking days till the Canadian border.  It was a perfect spot to camp except for the hundreds of pesky mosquitoes buzzing around us. A short time later, with all of our gear dry, we started to hike. The trail dropped to the valley floor and passed by Glacier Lake. As we rounded the lake, Papa Raven spotted a large spring coming out of the side of a cliff. Little Crow took her pack off to run ahead to tell Mama Raven and Bling about the spring. They were only a quarter of a mile ahead. They returned to Papa Raven and we all replenished their empty water bottles. After reaching the far end of the valley, we began climbing up Trapper Pass. This was a bit of a pull. As we got closer to the top, there were countless number of small switchbacks.  At the end of each switch back, we kept thinking that had to be the last one. But no it was not!  Eventually, we made it to the top. On the way down the other side, we passed through fields of plants which raised the humidity dramatically. After Trapper Pass, the trail traversed downwards toward Hope Lake and then to Mig Lake. There we took our shoes off and soaked our feet. Mama Raven has been having more and more trouble with an ingrown toenail. Each step she took, was terribly painful especially when going down hill.  Her speed had slowed way down. We have decided to head out at Stevens Pass to have it taken care of.  After cooling our feet off in Mig Lake we pushed on. The trail had one last big climb for the day and then it headed down into the Stevens Pass Ski Resort. It was getting late when we topped the last hill and we could see Hwy 2 way below us. The store with our box closes at 5:00 according to our guide-book. We had 40 minutes to get down there. Bling and Papa Raven headed out as fast as they could, reaching the store a few minutes before five. Unfortunately,  everything was already closed up. We guessed they closed early. When Mama Raven and Little Crow showed up, we sat down at an outside table and tried to figure out our plans. We called Andrea Dinsmore for some information. Our two choices are a clinic in Monroe or in the opposite direction to Leavenworth. There is a bus that can take us to Leavenworth, or we hitch a ride to Andrea’s, where she could drive us to the health clinic in Monroe. For tonight, we decided to camp near Stevens Pass, then, tomorrow morning, get our box and sort it. Leavenworth won out because we have always heard about it and were curious about it. It is a Bavarian tourist town next to the Wenatchee River. All the stores and streets make you feel like you are actually in Austria or Germany. The town has a reputation of being expensive so we hope we can find a hotel that is affordable and a medical clinic that will see us right away. Meanwhile, we are going to enjoy being tourists of Leavenworth.

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