A beautiful sunny day

Day 18 – 7/24/16
Creekside camps
Miles – 18.9
Total Miles – 288.1 (PCT 2427.6)
To great joy, we woke to sun on our tents. We asked Bling how he felt and he said that his stomach was OK. We had breakfast and started to pack up. Little Crow and Papa Raven got out of the tents at about the same time. Papa Raven poked his head in to see how Bling was doing. After eating, he was not feeling well again. We got him out of the tent and told him to go sit on a rock in the sun. We all slowly packed up as we wondered what is wrong with Bling. Should we not hike today? When we were finished we went over to see Bling. He said that he was getting a little better and that he would like to try to hike. We were relieved a bit, but still concerned about Bling’s health.
The trail started by passing a large waterfall and then it headed down toward the valley floor. There were a number of downed trees we had to climb over. By the time we were hiking up the valley Bling was feeling good again.  He said he was tired but his stomach felt better. Both Mama and Papa Raven agreed we would take it easy today.
Bling thinks that his upset stomach was related to what he ate for breakfast in Snoqualmie. He had the same thing for breakfast both days and in the afternoon he felt sick. The only problem was that other people ate the same things and did not have the same reaction. So it is still a mystery to us.
As we hiked up the valley, we had to maneuver around and over many down trees. In one location, there were 10 fallen trees in a single group. Finally we started our big up of the day, 2000′ in 4 miles under the hot sun. It took us the rest of the morning to get to the top. Once there we had to stop to filter water. On the way up, we had another small world moment! A couple coming down stopped to talk to us. Something we said made them ask us if we were The Ravens?  She told us that her brother-in-law is Bush Wacker. We got all excited! We meet Bush Wacker in Oregon and were regularly bumping into him along the way. He kept telling his family about this family hiking the PCT also. Anyways, they took a picture of us to send to Bush Wacker to prove that they actually ran into The Ravens.  At the top of the ridge we had a good view of Mt. Rainier way to the south. What goes with a good big up? A big down, and that is what came next. The only problem was by the time we reached the down, everyone’s feet hurt and a big down was not going to help. We headed down, slow and steady. And yes, by the time we reached the bottom we were done, but the only problem was finding a campsite. We hiked to the first trail junction and it’s camp.  We decided to go another 1.5 miles to the next camp. When we got there,  other hikers were already there. So we had to go on.  Mama Raven found a semi-flat place down the embankment and we made it work.  Oh, and Bling stomach did not bother him any more today to everyone’s relief.

2 thoughts on “A beautiful sunny day

  1. Hi neighbors,, truly enjoying your daily accounts of the hike. Glad Bling is feeling better. I was thinking about all those berries you were naming.. Maybe a few to many of those? I love the photos, they really put a person in the feeling of actually being there. So beautiful.
    PS.. this is Linda Oyler,, haha


  2. Glad the sun is prevailing! You deserve a break. Thank you SO much for sending along the pictures. I loved the ones from the Sierras last year and these are fantastic as well. Isn’t WA. beautiful………when it allows itself to be seen that is! Won’t be long until you’re at the famous Stehekin bakery. Rest your stomach before then, Bling!


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