A beautiful day

Day 14 – 7/20/16
Stream camp
Miles – 16.9
Total Miles – 245.7 (PCT 2385.2)
It was a restful night. We woke at 6:00 to a very foggy layer which burned off as soon as the sun hit it. The remainder of the day we had blue sky with a cloud every now and then. Since we are not trying to get to Snoqualmie today, we could take long breaks without pushing ourselves. Today’s trail was not difficult. We started out with a small up and then traversed around hill tops. We crossed under 8  huge electrical delivery lines. The area under them is kept clear of trees, so this gives the huckleberries a chance to grow under full sun. Under the last set of power lines, we found our first fully ripe berries.  They were some of the biggest huckleberries we have ever seen. Perhaps the electric currents from the wires produced big berries? Of course, we all stopped to pick hand fulls to eat. In the mid afternoon, we stopped to filter several bottles of water. We did not do all of them because we are so close to town. While we filtered, Papa Raven checked to see if we had a phone connection, he had only one bar, but it was enough to call the hotel in Snoqualmie and reserve a room for tomorrow night. They also confirmed that two of our the boxes are there. Those two came in today, a new water bottle and new shoes for Bling and Papa Raven. We will see about our food box when we get there. In the late afternoon, we came to Yakama Pass, this was the start of our one big climb. We climbed until we reached the midway point, Mirror Lake, and stopped for a break.  There were a number of people camping here and we are concerned that out intended campsite would be filled so we pushed on. An hour or so later, we finished the climb and traversed over to the campsite. It was still empty and we moved in. This was the earliest we have stopped the whole trip, about 7:00. With only 5.5 miles to go to Snoqualmie Pass, we will get there and have a nero and a zero.  We are all looking forward to a little time off.


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