A Little Sunshine

Day 13 – 7/19/16
Campsite on an abandoned road
Miles – 19.1
Total Miles – 228.8 (PCT 2368.3)
It sprinkled on and off throughout the night.  When we poked our heads out of the tents in the morning to see what type of weather we would have, we reconciled ourselves to another gloomy, wet day.  A drizzling gray cloud had engulfed us. Consequently, we were in no hurry to get up. Instead we fell back asleep. However short time later, Papa Raven woke up and saw sun shinning on our tent.  He spoke loudly about the glorious affair, and Mama Raven popped awake instantly.  Even Bling and Little Crow woke up suddenly.  We all peeked again outside and found that the sky was a mixture of clouds and blue sky. Hallelujahs!!!  Our spirits soared high at that moment.  Hiking in so much rain over the past two weeks has dampened our spirits (pun intended). Our joy faded as we watched a very thick cloud move over us as we ate breakfast. By the time we got out of the tents to finish packing, we could not see more than 50 yards in front of us. It was drizzling also. The days hiking started out through an old clear cut that was slowly growing back. We hiked right on a ridge with a foggy, cloud blowing around us. The drizzle had stopped. However, we were getting very wet from the over grown bushes we walked through. Our socks, shoes and feet were quickly saturated with water.  As a general rule, we always carry three pairs of socks each. That usually allows time to get a pair washed which we hang off our packs to dry. With the wet weather we have had, there has not been enough sunshine to dry them.  All socks we have are wet. At one point, we tried to put the days pair of wet, dirty socks in a zip lock bag and tucked them away in the pack to keep everything around them dry.  We would open them that night to the most obnoxious smell. The smell made us gag it was so bad.  We now just hang the dirty socks on the outside of the pack, rain or shine. The other problem was the water dropping from the trees got us as wet as if it really were raining. It took us hours to cross the ridges and start up Blowout Mt. As we hiked down the other side, we noticed a thinning of the clouds. By noon, we were heading down the mountain towards Tacoma Pass, and to all our joy, full sun shined on us. We just stood there facing the sun and bathed in all its warmth.  We did not want to leave. Finally we went down to our low point for the day, Tacoma Pass. The drop was very hard on our feet so we took a long rest at the bottom. The 1200′ up on the other side went by faster then we thought. Hiking up does not hurt the feet as much as going down. The rest of the day was taken up traversing the tops of the mountains as we headed northeast.
Our original plan was to get into Snoqualmie late tomorrow. We are about 22 miles out. We have decided to shorten tomorrows hike to about 18-19 miles and come into town early Thursday. This will give us a nero on Thursday and a zero on Friday. Our feet deserve a rest.

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