Mt Adams

Day 6 – 7/12/16
Muddy Meadows Trail
Miles – 18.2
Total Miles – 100.4 (PCT 2244.6)
It sprinkled last night but we were dry inside of our room.  We ate breakfast at the same cafe we had dinner at; everyone ordered pancakes except for Little Crow who had French Toast. After breakfast, we headed to the room to finish the last bit of packing. Bling and Little Crow petted Mikey one last time.  Gary was returning at 8:30 to drive as back to the trail head. The swelling in Papa Ravens ankle had gone down but it was not gone. We decided to hike out anyways. Gray arrived and took us back to the trail head. We were hiking by 9:00. The weather in Trout Lake was mostly clear with a few clouds.  We were all relieved to see the blue sky. Unfortunately, the weather did not stay that way.  Fourteen miles north, when we got close to Mt. Adams, the sky was completely packed in with dark and heavy gray clouds.
The first thing the trail did was a 2000′ climb up the southwest side of Mt. Adams and then across the west face and finally turned north. Climbing up 2000′ was very tiring.  Since Mt. Adams is a really big mountain, actually it is a volcano, it has a big effect on weather.  Any unstable air pushed up against it, rises, causing rain. It could be clear and sunny several miles away from it, but close to the mountain it rains. As we hiked around Mt Adams the clouds got thicker and thicker. Finally around 5:00, the dreaded rain came. Just a light sprinkle at first and then it grew to a solid hard downpour. The rain continued for several hours. It was the hardest stretch of rain we have had this trip. When we woke this morning in the room, to blue sky, The Ravens were excited about hiking with no rain today. We knew we were going to go to bed with dry feet tonight. We did not even bother to pack for rain. Well, we were wrong! When it started, we had to quickly repack the packs in order to keep the sleeping bags and essential items dry. Discouragingly, it did not take long for our feet to be saturated with water. The weather reports we keep reading say that the weather will be clearing but it never actually does. We stopped a little early. We hope the weather will clear for tomorrow.
Just before it started to rain today we met up with Jeremy who decided to hike with us for a little ways. He is from Arlington, Washington and just graduated from college as an electrical engineer. Before he joins into the real world of work, he wanted to hike the length of his home state. We enjoyed his company today.


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