Into Washington… Again

Day 1 – 7/7/16
PCT Trail Camp
Miles – 13.3
Total miles – 13.3 (PCT 2157.5)

After a nine month hiatus from hiking the PCT, The Ravens are back on the trail.  We made a promise to Bling that we would come back and get him to Canada after he broke his femur just three weeks away from completing the entire PCT.  Mama and Papa Raven, and Little Crow had to finish without Bling. Over the winter, his leg healed.  Papa and  Mama Ravens biggest concern was if Papa Raven got a job, we would not have the vacation time needed to re-hike Washington. Papa Raven was diligent about looking for a new job, however nothing ever came about.  Being unemployed for so long, has been terribly nerve-racking for us.  Despite our concerns, we are thankful for the opportunity to be back out on the trail and helping Bling complete the PCT.

This morning Cindy and Joe meet us at Cascade Locks to pick up or car.  We need a place to store it while Bling finished the PCT.  Cindy and Joe who were involved with Bling’s rescue last year.  Being back on the PCT feels mighty good.  She was terribly missed these past few months but we are now reunited with our dear friend, the trail.

We began are hike at 9:30 this morning by crossing the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. It is very ironic that with all the rain we encountered last September in Washington, we would begin this year’s trip with rain!  Tempting as it was to hold up in hotel in Cascade Locks to wait out the incoming weather front, we decided to hike out.  The rain will be with us for a couple of days and staying that long in a hotel becomes very costly.  Besides, we were antsy to be back on the trail. The trail quickly climbed, passing through abundance of poison oak which has overgrown the trail.  Whenever we crossed a stream, we would have to wash our arms and legs off to get the poison oak oils off our skin. As the day progressed, the clouds got thicker and darker. Of course it rained the hardest and longest when we had to swim through the plants that had overgrown the trail. We quickly became soaked from head to toe.  Yes, The Ravens our still happy to be out on the trail.  All the rain is what makes Washington so mind-boggling green. We ended the day a little early when we came across a large tarp protecting a PCT trail crew’s equipment. There was no sign of anybody and it looked like it was recently dropped off then they left.  Perhaps the trail crew wanted to wait out the bad weather and left their tools.  The tarp provided a dry place to set up our tents. We could not pass it up even though we had lots of day light left.  Our tents and gear will be dry tonight and, with luck, our wet gear will dry.


5 thoughts on “Into Washington… Again

  1. Aw! So sorry to hear about your hurdles but so happy to see this blog. I don’t now if you remember us, but last year we ran into you guys while we were camping at the Wild Plum campground Sierra City on 7/4/15. We had you guys clean up our remaining food supply 😉 and got you into town. You four were so amazing and I was just thinking of ya’ll last weekend when on our annual trip to wild plum, I helped another thru hiker reach town. I was looking him up when your most recent blog popped up! You people totally inspire me and I am in awe of your little Ravens. Much luck to you guys!

    The Peacheys (and pixie the black mtn pug!)


  2. What a delight to be back on the trail with you. I have been following a few hikers this year, and picked up a few in the Green Valley and Lk Hughes area. So happy to hear that Bling is getting in the swing of hiking with 2 strong legs and all that goes with that. Is little Raven with you?
    I have been following Shepherd on the CDT. You may have met him last year on the PCT. He is from Australia and hikes and bikes and keeps on moving around the world rain or shine.
    The best of daily walking to all of you.


  3. Thanks for posting your hiking journey once again. This is Linda,,, Linda OYLER,,hahah,, the one on Solitary Lane. So how many miles will it be to finish Blings hike to the end of the PCT? Hope you all have a wonderful journey. It’s in the 80’s in Fallbrook today. Thinking of you all as I paint the bathroom.. One forgets what fun painting is , NOT.. Have a great hike!


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