So many passes

Day 172 – 9/29/15
On a ridge before Hopkins Pass
Miles – 20.9
Total Miles – 2720.7 (PCT 2641.8)

Last night was a very long, mouse, ridden night. The varmints  started to come around just after I went to bed.  We were up many times during the night battling them.  One got into the tent and we had to catch it in the cook pot. Instead of tossing it out, I put the lid on the pot and left him outside.  One less mouse to worry about!  At around 3:00, Mama Raven felt sorry for it being trapped in a cold metal pan when it was freezing outside so she got up and walked quite a ways from the tent to release it.  She said the mouse walked away but it was moving very slowly. We tore up a tortilla shell and set it out for the rest of the mice to eat and they did, all night long.  In the morning, we packed up and started hiking just as the sun rose up in the sky. Of course the trail went to the west side of a mountain and we hiked in shade for an hour or so. The trail followed a ridge and we hiked through many passes.  There was Buffalo Pass, Windy Pass, Foggy Pass, Jim Pass, Holman Pass, Rock Pass, and Woody Pass.  We have two more passes tomorrow.  None of the passes were very hard, we mainly contoured from pass to pass, except for Rock Pass which was a 1,500′ climb.  As the day went on, we meet a lot of thru hikers heading south.  Many hikers did not get the papers to enter Canada so they have to hike to the boarder then turn around and hike back to Harts Pass.  We saw several people who we have not seen for a 1,000 miles or more. There was Foxtrot, Day Dreamer, Hiccups, Boomer, and Lancelot. Right now we have 8 miles to monument 78 and then 8 more to Manning Park. The Ravens are excited and sad.  Bling will not be with us.








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