Broken Femur

Day 167 – 9/24/15
Miles – 9.9
Total Miles – 2666.0 (PCT 2587.1)


We got up at the 6:00 and had blackberry kuchen for breakfast.  What a breakfast it was!  We took our time this morning getting out of camp because we only had nine miles to reach Rainy Pass.  The warm sleeping bags made us want to linger in the tent. However, thinking about today was the day we get to see Bling, got us moving.  At Rainy Pass there would be a car waiting for us at a parking lot not far off the trail. Mama Ravens brother (Lew) dropped it off for us to make it easier to get down to Winthrop. The hiking up toward Rainy Pass was not hard.  We moved quickly and we made it to our car shortly after lunch.  We put our packs in the back and headed down the mountain.  Thirty minutes later we got a room at one of the hotels in town.  Getting a room in town instead of staying at Uncle Lew’s house gave us a chance to get ready for the last section and regroup as a family.   After dropping our gear off in the hotel room, we went to see Bling.  We had not seen him for three weeks and the excitement of seeing him was getting stronger and stronger the closer we got to Lew’s house.  It was a tearful reunion for all of us.   He was lying on the sofa, covered with his sleeping bag, reading a book.  He uncovered his hurt leg and there was a cast from his toes all the way up the top of his thigh. The definitive assessment is a stress fracture in his femur.  Bling will not be going to the Canadian border with us.  He is upset that he will not make it to the end of the PCT this year.  We told Bling that it is not such a bad thing because our family adventure gets to continue on next Summer!  We get to come back to the natural wonder of Washington.  We talked with Uncle Lew for a while and then took Bling with us to the hotel.  We spent most of the day sorting food and a little repacking and lots of talking.  Our hotel room has a balcony which is the perfect spot to dry and air out the tent and sleeping bags.  In the evening we went back to Uncle Lew’s for dinner and to try and figure out how we will be getting back from Manning Park, British Columbia (our ending destination point of the PCT) to Winthrop Washington, which is where Bling is.  We were all too tired to come up with any conclusions.  We will try again tomorrow.




7 thoughts on “Broken Femur

  1. Sorry to hear that Bling can’t finish the trail with you but i’m also glad you will be back next. Summer and hoping we horsemen from the goat rocks can catch up with your family, cindy and I are following your blog and enjoying learning about your family…you guys are awesomeness
    Joe from berry patch trailhead.


  2. If you still need a ride, let me know. I live in Bellingham WA, just 18 miles from the Canadian border. It is possible I could shuttle you dependent upon the day. My email is


  3. Thinking of all of you..and thankful you have help for Will. We spoke to him tonight..thinking he will be able to help someone in the same situation in years to come.. Hugs and love to all of you.xoxoxbob and carilyn p.s.we stayed at Mt. Williamson Motel..Strider and all said HI to all and remembered Joons 9th b day and sent their love to you


  4. A broken femur! I was just catching up to see how the end if your hike went. So inexpected to see your son got a stress fracture in his femur after over 2000 miles. It must have been hard to return to the trail after that, but I’m so happy that you finished. Stonefly and I loved meeting you. Good luck on finishing the trail together next year! – chickadee


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