Are there any mountains around here?

Day 162 – 9/19/15
Reflection Pond
Miles – 20.0
Total Miles – 2576.6 (PCT 2497.7)


It rained most of the night. It would come and go, but it did not really stop until about 3:00 am. Of course we had a very wet tent and our sleeping bags were damp. The back packs are so wet, water can be rung from them. Our socks and shoes are soaked. It is a great joy to put them on first thing in the morning. Nonetheless, we had to pack it all up and get moving. The tent gets folded in a special way to protect the inside of the tent from coming in contact with the soggy outside. We carefully packed all of our wet items separately from the dry ones. We carry an extra trash bag for the saturated tent to go in. Our backpacks are lined with a contractor trash bag (they are extra strong) to keep everything inside as dry as possible as it rains. The wet sleeping bags go into another trash bag to keep other things in our backpacks dry. We each have our own dry bag for misc. items such as head lamps, gloves, hats, and bandannas that we want to keep dry. Clothes have their own special dry bags. Mornings, when we are packing for rain, take twice as long as normal morning, especially when it is actually raining while we pack. There is definitely an art to backpacking in the rain. Coming from San Diego, we do not have a lot of practice at it. Inevitably, no matter how hard we try to stay dry, we still get wet. Our daily mileage plummets whenever it occurs, and in Washington, it occurs a lot. Mama Raven had what I thought was a good idea, take the large contractor bags and put them over the end of our sleeping bags so the condensation on the inside of the tent could not drip on the bags and get them wet. For some reason we woke up around 2:00 and found the part of the sleeping bags that was in the plastic bag was soaked. Much wetter than the part that was in the open. Apparently the moisture from our bodies went up through the sleeping bag and became trapped by the plastic bag, thereby soaking the sleeping bags. We removed the plastic bags and dried the bags as best as we could. Upon rising this morning, we apprehensively looked outside and found our selves in a cloud. It was very foggy and it stayed that way the whole day making it very difficult to see what was around us. We very rarely had more than 100 yards of visibility and much of the time it was less. For most of the day we had a light mist falling on us. That was not so bad, but when that mist fell hour after hour everything got wet, the trees start to drop large drops. It put us in a bad mood. Day after day of rain takes a mental toll on us. It is hard work. Our daily mileages goes down. It is miserable hiking!  We really our hoping to see the sun tomorrow. We need to dry the sleeping bags and the tent. According to the weather report tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day for the low that is moving through. My hope is that it is moving through today and that tomorrow will see some clearing. Well, it is time for bed and we get to listen to the trees above us dropping water on our tent.





Bear Can

Bear Can



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