The Rain That Never Came

Day 159 – 9/16/15
Near Suprised Lake trail
Miles – 21.6
Total Miles – 2527.0 (PCT 2448.1)DSC09607-9-15-15 It was quite all night not even the wind blew. We had neither rain or mice. The duff (pine needles) was thick under our tent. It made for a warmer night sleep and softer. Other than a little condensation, it was a great camp site. When we got out of the tent we found that there were no clouds in the sky. What had happened to the storm? We do not know, but we are not going to complain, in fact we were relieved and genuinely happy that we did not wake up to rain like it was suppose to. Ever since we entered the month of September, a sunny day has become all too rare. We packed up and headed for Cathedral Pass. It was about 10 miles away with a 2,000′, climb. For the first 5 miles, we went up a river valley and the climbing was not hard. The second 5 miles zig-zagged up the mounting side. As we were climbing toward the pass, clouds started to move in. We might get that rain that was predicted after all. Once we reached the top we dropped down a bit and traversed around to the head of the valley. We had one big river crossing. Back in 2011, we tried a small trip with the kids in this area. We could not cross this river back then. 2011 was a big snow year making for big rivers from the snow melt Little Crow was only seven and Bling was ten. The water was too strong and high for them. However, this time, the river could be easily crossed. At the head of the valley we crossed Deception Pass and the trial turned northward and headed along the mountain range and up. As we hiked along the ridge we could see that the clouds were breaking up, we also got great views of all the surrounding mountain ranges. The views were stunning. We stopped for a break at Deception Lakes which was a beautiful green with nearly no wind upon it, so it was carrying a great reflection of the huckleberry bushes all in reds, oranges, and yellows. The season of Fall is in full force up here. Being from San Diego, having traditional fall foliage does not happen. Up here nearly all the underbrush is some shade of yellow, orange or red. It is beautiful!  With a few more hours of day light, we headed to the top of Pipper Pass and then worked our way down. Pipper Pass is the location were we had to abort our 2011 trip. The hillside was very steep and completely covered in snow. Too steep to safely for Little Crow and Bling to get down it. This year it was clear and easy. We hiked down to the ledges above Glacier Lake and found a camp just beyond. The clouds have cleared out a bit more. With any luck we will not see any more rain from this storm. We will make it to Stevens Pass tomorrow. Tonight’s dinner again was provided by Karin Sims. It was Mountain House terriyaki chicken and rice. Again it was a huge success!DSC09624-9-16-15





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