Dewey Lake

Day 151 – 9/9/15
Dewey Lake
Miles – 23.9
Total Miles – 2395.3 (PCT 2317.9)


We got a good start this morning.  We were up with the sunrise. That is not hard this time of year, with the sun rising later and later in the mornings.  6:00 is still the same time we are shooting for morning wake up, however it is pretty dark outside compared what it was a few weeks ago at the same time.   We will have to get up before sunrise just to stay on time for the up coming weeks.  The trail was easy for most of the morning.  We started with an easy climb and then a long easy down.  Our big up came around lunch which was a 1,500′ climb.  It gave us great views of Mt Adams way to the south.  Fall is in full glory.  The huckleberry bushes are a deep red and the maple trees are changing to all shades of yellow, orange and red.  It is beautiful but it also is a warning sign to hurry up to Canada before the first snow hits.  As we topped off on the climb, we turned a corner and Mt Rainier was  before us . It was huge and so close. We felt like all we had to do was reach out and touch it.  Another hiker described it as a big ice cream sundae.  We agreed but added that it is an ice cream sundae that dominates the entire western sky!  After reaching the top of our climb we contoured along a set of peaks.  The trail stayed as high as it could as we moved north.  Toward evening we came over a small rise and arrived at Dewey Lake.  As we setup camp, we heard elk calling at the other end of the lake.  One elk is now outside of the tent walking around.  We only saw two other thru hikers today.  I believe that a lot of thru hikers left White Pass before we got there and others held up at Trout Lake during the rains.  We are in this little zone with very few hikers and it is nice.  We do not have to compete for campsites.  We had Dewy Lake all to ourselves.  Mama Raven had a difficult day.  She missed Bling.  I think tomorrow I will get her to listen to the Fellowship of the Rings. That should take her mind off  Bling.DSC08431-9-9-15

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