What is that big yellow ball in the sky?

Day 145 – 9/3/15
Walupt Creek
Miles – 23.2
Total Miles – 2332.6 (PCT 2266.2)


The sky was clearing as we went to bed, then why did it have to rain just before we get up this morning?  It did not last long, only about 20 minutes but that was enough to get everything wet. One of Bling’s shoes did not get under the tent vestibule and it filled with water. Despite the morning rain, we saw that there was a lot of blue sky amongst big puffy clouds. We should have sun on and off all day. After packing, we set out to complete the road walk. It was late morning when we finally intersected the PCT. The road walk was not as bad as we imagined. In fact it was level and easy, just what Bling’s leg needed. There were almost no cars on it and at one point we even had a good view of Mt Adams. On the road, we stayed somewhat dryer when it rained because we did not have to walk through wet plants that bordered a narrow trail. Despite enjoying then road walk, it felt good to be back on the trail. The two foot wide path we have been following since the Mexican border has become far more than a path to us. It is our home and where are heart desires to be. Nonetheless, the PCT lead is up into the Goat Rocks Wilderness. The Goat Rocks is a place we have been looking forward to. We should go through them tomorrow. For the most part the weather really did cooperate, we did not get any other rain today and the sun was out enough to dry our gear and warm us up.
As we were dying our gear we were past by 8 hikers we have not seen before. All of them had gotten rides around the burned area skipping 22 miles of the trail. With all these people right in front of us, we are going to have problems finding camps tonight. One of the hikers was named Tent Talker. We leaped frog with her through out the afternoon, often hiking with her a ways down the trail. We enjoyed her company. Towards sun down, we were climbing a ridge and there was only one place to camp. When we got there, just as we were afraid, all the camp sites were taken. We had to hunt around to find something but we did find a semi flat location. Well it is 40.5° in the tent right now, I (Papa Raven) guess I should crawl under the sleeping bag and warm up.DSC07454-5-3-15






Tent Talker

Tent Talker


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