Trout Lake

Day 142 – 8/31/15
Trout Lake
Miles – 14.1
Total Miles – 2294.4 (PCT 2226.4)


It did not rain overnight but the clouds did not clear either. The wind was up and it was cold. The outside of the tents dried overnight but the inside was soaked due to condensation. We packed up and got hiking to stay warm. We had about 14 miles to get to the road to Trout Lake for a unplanned re-supply of food. We are at least two days short on food before we reach our next scheduled food drop at White Pass. We are also thinking about getting a room so we can dry out! The biggest problem is getting a phone connection to call for a ride.
The hiking in this section is pretty level and we moved along well. Bling’s leg is giving him less problems but he is still walking with a limp. At one of our breaks today, we past by two hikers named Not-a-Bear and Comet. A short time later we caught up to them when they where having a break. We talked to them for a few minutes and found out that they have a ride to Trout Lake lined up for 3:30 today. We would like to be there and see if the trail angel giving them a ride can give us one as well. We had 10 miles to cover from that point forward and we will have to move fast to make it there on time. As the day went on we, chewed up the miles as best we could. The rain holding off helped. At 2:30 we stopped for a break and I looked at the maps. Unfortunately, we still had 4.5 miles and just one hour to do it. We are not going to make it. Thus, we decided that I (Papa Raven) would hike ahead and try to make it while everyone else would come along at the normal speed. I headed out and hiked hard and fast. I covered 2.5 miles in the first half hour, I should make it. As I got to the road, I saw a truck and heard the engine start. As I walked the last bit of trail, someone in the truck saw me and the engine turned off. George, the trail angel had Comet and Not-a-Bear in the truck. I asked George if he could come back in about an hour and take us  town also, he agreed. About 45 minutes later, Mama Raven, Little Crow, and Bling arrived. George showed up at 4:30. Off to Trout Lake we went. George took us to the general store where they have two rooms availablle for $25 each. Luckily we got a room, and moved our gear in. On the ride down to town, George asked us lots of questions about our trip and at some point of the conversation we mentioned the problem Bling is having with his leg. He called a doctor here in Trout Lake who runs a Wellness Center to see if he could look at Bling’s leg. He thankfully had time to fit Bling in, so 20 minutes later, Bling, Little Crow, and I are riding with George to see the doctor. By now, all Ravens had grown very hungry but getting to the doctor was more important. Mama Raven stayed at the room so she could start drying out our gear before we left back to the trail tomorrow. Mean while at the doctors office, Bling got his muscles got a workout. The doctor, who is a chiropractor, for the next two hours, massaged to loosen up the hard as rock muscles in Bling’s leg and used a cold laser on it. At the end of the appointment, Bling and Little Crow got to go into a hot tub. As this was going on, I on the other hand was having my own problems. While filling out the paper work, I started to get very dizzy so I lied down on the floor. I ate and drank something. I was very hungry when we got into town and I had not been drinking much water over the last few days. Unfortunately, the food and water did not help, in fact, I even threw up. After lying down for another half hour, I started to feel better. I eventually got up and it was time to check out. The doctor asked us if we had insurance and I said no. He said that since he will not have to do any lengthy paperwork to an insurance company, he charged only twenty-five dollars for the two and a half hours we were with him. We got the kids out of the hot tub and George, who stayed the entire time with us, drove us back to a our room. It was 8:30 in the evening. Our original plan was to have dinner at the little cafe, but it closes at 8:00. With us getting back so late, it looked as if we would have to find something else for dinner and by now we were famished! We got back to our room Mama Raven had hamburgers waiting for us. Earlier she was talking with Bev who owns the general store and both of them were wondering what was going on with Bling’s leg since it had become so late. She told Mama Raven if she wanted something from the cafe she had better get over there because it was closing at 8:00 which was about in five minutes. Mama Raven told her that she can’t buy anything because Papa Raven had all the money with him. Bev said that is no problem and took out fifty dollars from her cash register and gave it to Mama Raven as a loan. Bev called over first to the cafe to tell them she has four very hungry hikers that needed cheese burgers and french fries to go.  The residents of Trout Lake have bent over backwards to help us out and the other hikers that are here. To call it merely “hiker friendly’ is an understatement. We have passed through many small towns on our hike and we are always so impressed with the generosity and kindness the residents of the towns have towards the dirty hikers that pass though. Trout Lake is one of those towns. It will renew ones faith in the human race. Mama Raven says we are moving to a small town! In fact, there is even a Buddhist monastery just out side of Trout Lake and we here they love to take in hikers. Next time we pass through, we want to stay there. That would add even more enlightenment to our already amazing journey of the human spirit on the PCT!








Not-a-Bear and Comet

Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

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