Bruce and Cheryl

Day 143 – 9/1/25
Trout Lake
Miles – 0
Total Miles – 2294.4 (PCT 2226.4)


Because Papa Raven was still feeling out of sorts and the doctor recommended some time off for Bling’s leg, we decided to take a zero. We had a good pancake breakfast (Little Crow had both french toast and chocolate chip pancakes-she could not make her mind up so she got both) at the cafe. For the most part, we just sat around our room watching Alaskan Bush People on TV. When we first saw this show in a Teachapi hotel room back in Southern California we thought it was a show about some really crazy people. However, after several months on the trail, living the freedom, beauty, simplicity, and peace of the trail life, The Ravens truly understand the Brown family up in Alaska and we are desiring somewhat the same life. In fact I (Mama Raven) would say the Browns are living a life that is far from crazy. It is the rest of the world that seems more and more crazy the longer we are away from mainstream society. I have no desire to return and dread the day we have to. The Ravens salute the Browns up in Alaska!  Nonetheless, all our gear is dry. We have bought food for the rest of this section. It was a quite day, just what The Ravens needed! The weather forecast calls for rain tomorrow and then a clearing trend. We hope that is true. The weather forecasters up here are as accurate as the ones home in San Diego. Anyways, Papa Raven spent some time on the front porch of the store talking with the other hikers. Treeman from Germany arrived today. It has been a very long time since we have seen him. He said Hedgehog is a day behind him so we will unfortunately miss her. Jugs, Bear-lee, Cookie Monster and Morning Star are also here! At one point a woman (Cheryl) came out of the store and asked if by chance we were The Ravens. We started talking, she had heard about us from Flashback several days ago. She has two kids 11 and 12 and asked if she could bring them by later to meet Bling and Little Crow. Papa Raven said that would be great, it is rare that Bling and Little Crow get to be around kids their own age. However, Little Crow has been playing with Bev’s grandchildren, Austin (age 8) and Copper (age 4) behind the store. Around lunch time Mama Raven and I were picking up something to eat from the general store, when Cheryl came back to ask us if we would like to come over for dinner, it sounded like a good idea. Cheryl said she would be by 6:00 to pick us up. The Ravens were excited about a home cooked dinner. That evening Bruce, Cheryl’s husband, picked us up and we drove a short distance to their house. The first member of their household was a 10 month old Newfoundland puppy. He was massive and still growing. He weights about 100 lbs and will gain about 40 more pounds by the time he is a year old. There are two other small dogs that greet is as well. They have two children of the own, Josh and Sam, and currently have two foreign exchange students, two boys, one from China and the other from Brazil. Shortly after we arrived another family came over. We all settled down to eat an amazing dinner of chili, rice, guacamole, corn chips, corn bread, watermelon, and an extraordinarily delicious apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. There are a lot of thru hikers that would be jealous of our dinner tonight. We talked about the trail, Bruce’s job as a merchant marine, schools, wood working, and general life in the community of Trout Lake. The kids were all down stairs playing on the Wii. A lot of laughing was heard coming from the Wii room!  The Ravens had an enjoyable and relaxing evening. Again, we are impressed with the kindness of the town of Trout Lake!  It is a special community. As Cheryl drove us back to our room, she asked if we would like a ride back to the trailhead in the morning, we said yes and set that up for 8:30 tomorrow morning after another pancake breakfast at the cafe.
Thank you Bruce and Cheryl.


Cookie Monster and Morning Star

Cookie Monster and Morning Star

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