We’re not done with rain yet

Day 141 – 8/30/15
Twin Buttes Road
Miles – 13.7
Total Miles – 2280.3 (PCT 2212.3)


Another low mileage day. . . but we have a good reason, RAIN! Sometime soon after going to bed last night it started to rain. Not the little sprinkles here and there, but a hard rain that lasted all night. To add to the water falling on us, we had camped under a tree that kept dropping large drops of water long after the rain had stopped making it difficult to determine if it was still raining or not. Whenever the wind would blow, the trees above us would pummel us with lots of large drops that seemed to last forever. It kept waking us up all night long. In the morning, it was still raining. We ate breakfast and went back to sleep. Sometime around 8:00 it started to let up. We kept lying there listening to the water falling on the outside of the tents. After a while, the rain stopped but the tree kept dropping water on us. Finally Bling and Little Crow got bored enough that they wanted to start hiking so we slowly and carefully packed up. We finally hit the trail at 11:20, our latest start ever. There is very little to say about the area we hiked through. Most of the day we were in a cloud and fog shrouded everything so there were no views. The only thing visible was the trail side vegetation. Both sides of the trail had huckleberry bushes and bear grass that were saturated with water. When we past by them our legs would become wet. Our rain skirts helped a lot. As we hiked, the rain came in spurts until later in the afternoon when it rained long and hard. The trail became a fast flowing river that you could not avoid sloshing through it. Having dry feet was impossible. We had to dodge streams pools in the trail. The rain stopped about 5:00 and we were beyond soggy!!  We hiked until we could find a flat clear place to camp. With so much huckleberry bushes growing, finding a clear place to pitch the tents has been difficult. There was a large clearing where cars turn around and we pitched camp there. It is in the open with no trees dripping on us. The clouds are showing signs of breaking up. We hope this continues through out the night and that tomorrow is sunny. We really need to dry just about everything we have out. The past one hundred miles have been emotionally, the most difficult of our entire PCT hike. There is only 460 miles to the Canadian border and we are physically tired. Bling is hurt. There are trail closures due to fire. We are way behind schedule. All our hiking friends are gone with very slim chance to see any of them. Mama Raven’s feet still hurt, more now than ever. Our gear is miserably water logged. And the hardest and saddest reality of all for us to face. . our families amazing adventure is almost over with.










7 thoughts on “We’re not done with rain yet

  1. Sound true just as it should be. Life on the trail is always “exciting” because of the rain, wind, ups and downs for the 2000+ miles you have walked . You are there so you can fill in all of the special events that have taken place every day. You are experiencing what you started walking for, a walk that will bond your family in a very especial way. Everything you talk about is what the walk is made of walk on . Can you take a few extra days to rest and rub everyones feet and legs and spirits. Thanks for posting all of the fun!


  2. OH MY GOSH,, just reading this leaves me soggy and tired right there with you. Well now,, almost over with you say? Well you could hike back.. Did I just say that? Pats on the backs to all of you. for goodness sake,, this adventure for you family has been my most favorite reading this summer. I have envisioned all the beautiful scenery with you and enjoyed all the photos so far. Your journey is close to the end and well deserved rest when you return home. On that note, I can not even imagine being back home and resuming the day to day life in Fallbrook. Your house and comfy beds are waiting for you, but I know if I were you , the call of the wild would be forever in my heart . Carry on now,, you are almost there!


  3. Hang tough you guys!!! You all are doing fantastic!!! Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright!! The bonds you have created and experiences were life changing . Kudos to you,Mom& Pop Raven. You are doing an amazing job of taking care of your little ones. Bling’s leg is on the mend!! Little Crow & Bling: woooohoooo don’t give up now…. You’ve got this!!! All of you 🙂 love the blog and the pictures are incredible. Sending warm Orygun hugs!!!


  4. Dear Ann, Tim, Will and Joon,

    We are thinking of you out on the soggy trail. I know a couple of kids in this household would rather be out there eatting pop tarts even in the rain, rather then waking up to go to school this morning….day 3…reentry is always so difficult. We look forward to seeing you soon!! The fall weather is beautiful here and our smoke has cleared.

    On another note… Lew is back from his visit with grandpa. It was a good one. It affirmed his desire to bring Lewis up here on an extended road trip. Grandpa is game. Trying to get a flight for Lew and Noah down this weekend and they’ll rent a car for the drive back home, taking their time, seeing the redwoods. The idea is that we will bring him up and see how everything goes, and keep the option of taking him back. Holding his spot at Vista Gardens for Sept. If nothing else he gets a good road trip and sees the sights one last time. Ray and Emily at Vista Gardens think think that it is a good idea wapecially seeing how Lewis perked up over the days of Lew’s visit. They went to the beach etc., At first Lewis reluctant to get going but then so enjoying it and not wanting to go home. If you can make a call to Vista (I know that is probably not easy to do) when you have the opportunity that would be great.

    Your box arrived yesterday. Hoping that the fires have been subdued and that you all get to finish your journey all the way through to the canadian border…. Let us know how it is all progressing. Big dry hugs to you. The photos are amazing!! XO Florence


  5. Hi there,

    One more pressing question. Would you all be interested in having Lew bring your car up?. Just checked into the one way rent-a-car. The fee for for the week is very reasonable $161 but the drop off fee for one way is nearly $500. Which made me think that you might appreciate having your car here for a slow drive home…..though the train sounds fun too….but spendy when I checked into it for Lew. Call when you can. I’ll try to keep my phone close. XO F


  6. My dear Ravens,

    Your spirit, your energy, and your smiles have been a source of constant inspiration for me and for countless other through-hikers. Every step that you have taken has energized the steps of many more. Each mile that you have covered has been an accomplishment and a monument to each of you, to the bonds of your family, and to the wonders of the trail.

    Thank you so much for all that you have done!

    Whatever may happen, know that you are true heroes in my heart.



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