We made it out

Day 138 – 8/27/15
Just a camp we found
Miles – 14.5
Total Miles – 2226.4 (PCT 2158.7)


Since we forgot to buy anything for breakfast yesterday, we walked over to the only place open at 6:30 in Cascade Locks. We all had pancakes or French toast, sausage and eggs for breakfast. We  headed back to our room to get the packs. Bling was still limping but not as badly as he has been. In the back of our minds, the question of whether or not we are doing right by Bling, by hiking out today, keeps haunting Mama and Papa Raven? Nonetheless, we grabbed our gear from our room and hiked to the Bridge of the Gods at 8:30. A bit later than Papa Raven would like but what can you do? The Bridge of the Gods is a large metal two lane road that crosses the Columbia River. It has an open steel mesh bottom so we could look down on the river as we walked over it. Due to the cars that kept crossing, we walked slowly and cautiously across it. Mama Raven took a number of pictures. The halfway point of the bridge is the state border. Immediately, once in Washington the trail started to climb. Washington has a lot more ups and downs than Oregon. Most of the day was taken up with a 2,000′ climb. The day was hot and we hiked very slowly. Taking 3 days off made our bodies very sluggish. They go into healing mode and simply do not want to go! Of course Bling has the bonus of a bad leg to deal with. Bling still his more healing to do. In the beginning of the day he limped a lot. I had to rub out his leg only 7 times the whole day. He is hiking with an ace bandage and a special band that has a dense foam bar built into it which applies pressure wherever you put it. Unfortunately there are three different areas that are hurting him on his upper leg. We rotate the band over a location that hurts the worst. All and all, Bling hiked well despite his problems. Up hills are the worst for him. We have a big down first thing tomorrow morning, we will see how he does.








Beaker and Wishbone

Beaker and Wishbone


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