Warm Spring River

Day 130 – 8/19/15
The small spring after Warm Spring River
Miles – 25.3
Total Miles – 2133.0 (PCT 2062.5)
Everyone was very tired from yesterday’s hard day.  The Ravens had a difficult time waking up this morning.  Although in about 6 miles, there was a little store at Olallie Lake with food to be eaten.  It is a big incentive to get moving!  That was our first stop of the morning.  We had cookies, ice cream and sodas while we were there but we also purchased fruit pies, and something we have never had before . . . Moon Pies for the trail.  After eating and drinking our fill, we headed back to the trail.  Today’s trail was mostly level.  The ups and downs were not big and were able to hike at a good speed all day.  The best thing that happened today is the wind shifted.  For several days now, the wind has been from the east where there is a fire burning and the wind had been blowing its smoke over us.  Goomily, since Aug 29th, we have had smoke everyday except two.  It has been difficult to see the mountains around us when they are all covered in smoke.  All the hikers are constantly breathing in the smoke as they hike. Eyes are constantly watering and throats are sore.  The news up and down the trail does not give us any hope for things to change regarding the smoke because there are so many fires in both Oregon and Washington.  The best we can look forward to is an occasional clearing.  And today, that was around lunch time.  The wind shifted and started to blow from the northwest.  This blew the smoke that was around us away and did not bring in any other smoke.  By the end of the day we started to see the mountains around us, the main one being Mt Hood.  That is the next mountain we need to pass and we have yet to see it even though we are right next to it . Our next food drop is at Timberline Lodge, which is on the side of Mt Hood.  We are planning on getting there the day after tomorrow, in the morning, just in time for their famous buffet breakfast.  We will have to have a good day tomorrow hiking if we want to make that.  Tonight we are camped with Teflon and the Smiths.  The Ravens and our fellow hikers are going to bed tonight, dreaming about breakfast!








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