Day 120 – 8/9/15
A ways before Hwy 138
Miles – 16.4
Total Miles – 1901.9 (PCT 1839.3)

Snow White, Wall-ee, and The Ravens eating donuts

Snow White, Wall-ee, and The Ravens eating donuts

Very early this mooring, around 6:00, Mama Raven and I went down to get our showers since we did not get them in yesterday. Unfortunately they did not open until 7:00.  Aquanaut, Malibu, Queen Bee and Cat Water showed up to finish recharging equipment before they went back to the trail. We talked with them a few minutes before heading back to our campsite. Shortly before seven we headed back to the showers. They were opened and freshly cleaned. We used the correct showers, the second and the fourth. They were still broken and would work without putting any money in for as long as we wanted a shower. It was a good hot shower and it felt good to just sit under the water.  Mama Raven said there were two other women taking showers that were upset they did not have hot water and they wanted their money back. Mama Raven had plenty of hot water for free so she kept quiet and enjoyed her shower. On the way back, we picked up food for breakfast and extra snacks for the trail. Everyone was up when we got back to camp. We cut up the second half of cake and everyone eagerly had it for breakfast. At the store we also bought milk, yogurt and a bag of BBQ potato chips which we also ate for breakfast. The doughnuts and snowballs we saved for today’s hike. Wall-ee had a plan for today that they were going to slack pack (hiking without a backpack) up to Crater Lakes rim, Andy would meet them there and then they would slack pack to where the trail crossed the road at the end of the Rim Trail.  They asked us to join them. We said yes. The only differences would be instead of spending another night in the campground like Wall-ee and Snow White were, Andy would have our backpacks in his car and we would hike on. We packed our packs and were hiking by 9:00. A little late but not that bad. The hike up to the rim was not hard except for the last mile that became very steep. We met Andy who drove up and ate lunch at the cafe before we headed out around the rim of the lake. There was a bit more smoke then the last few days so the views across Crater Lake were not that good. We did not hike fast. We relaxed and took a couple of rest breaks along the way and reveled in the beauty of Crater Lake. Once we reached our goal,  Wall-ee and Andy hitchhiked back to the car while Snow White and The Ravens sat on the edge of the crater eating donuts watching the beautiful lake despite the smoke. When Wall-ee and Andy returned with the car and our gear, we loaded our packs on, said good bye, and hit the trail. Our loads are heavy and we did not get very far before calling it a day. We only went another 7 miles and stopped with a good hours day light left. It seemed appropriate for a laid back day of hiking. A rare event on the PCT.











Wall-ee, Snow White, and ?

Wall-ee, Snow White, and Andy




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