Trinity Alps

Day 106 – 7/26/15
Above Marshy Lake
Miles – 22.9
Total Miles – 1626.8 (PCT 1566.3)


Last nights camp was good except for the condensation. This is the first night in a long time that we have woken up to wet tents on the inside. Even the sleeping bags were wet. We needed to find time during the day to dry them. Our biggest problem is remembering to do it. We did not think of drying our gear stop after stop. At our final stop, when we made dinner, we remembered. By this time the sun was going below a ridge and it kept getting covered up by clouds. We put everything out however it dried very slowly without the sun. Mama Raven hiked a little bit with Velcro who is an elderly gentleman from Israel. He actually is from Arizona but moved to Israel thirty five years ago. Mama Raven was busy asking him questions about his country. The trail today was almost as easy as it was yesterday, but for some reason we just could not get moving. It was 4:30 when we hit 15 miles. We needed to move if we warranted to get a 22 mile day in. At the end, we did it and with some light left.
We hiked into the Trinity Alps today. This is a really beautiful wilderness area in northern California. We have hiked here a few times. It reminds us of the Sierras but smaller with the same rugged granite peaks. We will be hiking through them today and tomorrow.
Tonights camp is at one of the highest elections we have been in northern California, 7,100′. We are up on a small saddle with great views to the east. Right now the wind is blowing very strong, but we have a protected site. A small outcrop of rock is blocking most of the wind and we are in a stand of trees that is also shielding us. Since I cannot see to the west I cannot see if there are any rain clouds coming. It is also cold and everyone is tucked into their warm clothes and snug in their sleeping bags.DSC01339-7-26-15









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